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Dr Fone 9. Fone 9. As well as, it is a professional software solution for private users can easily and quickly recover data from your iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android Mobile, and iTunes backup files. Also, this software will recover any type of data loss from your contacts, notes, SMS to images and videos.
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March 9, 4: We cannot bare to lose our data, and to our luck, none of these devices are reliable. They can get damaged or might corrupt anytime, losing our important data in the process. However, if you have lost some important data due to a corrupt system or accidental deletion, then you do have a chance to recover it. When you accidentally delete data from your system or it gets deleted by any other reason, it is not actually deleted.

Instead, it is marked as deleted and hidden from the OS to make it seem like deleted it is easier to mark than actually delete it. With time, this invisible data gets rewritten when you add more data. To help you recover your deleted data, we have created this list of best data recovery software. Each software has its own unique features with different compatibilities and performance. With the below mentioned tools you will not be able to recover data from SSD.

On a SSD, the data is deleted completely to ensure it is faster to rewrite data. So, you are out of luck if you have a SSD. However, If you are using a HDD you still have chances of getting your data recovered. For recovering data from SSD, there are some expensive methods for which you can take help from Google. Recuva Recuva is created by the software developers Piriform, who are also responsible for the popular CCleaner PC cleaning tool.

Just like other products, you should also expect attractive interface with high quality. Recuva has a built-in wizard optional that guides you through the steps of recovery every time you want to recover data. Although, normal scan is enough, but you can also deep scan takes more time to further increase the possibility of recovering data. You can recover data such as, Pictures, audio mp3 , documents, videos, compressed files and emails from any storage device Windows can read such as digital camera, Hard disk drive, etc.

Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8. Wise Data Recovery Wise Data Recovery tool is not one of the most feature rich or customizable software. It comes with a clean interface with very few options to tweak. This might make it a bit limited, but for a quick job, this tool is perfect. All you need to do is launch the tool and select the drive which you would like to scan removable drives included. The software will quickly scan very quick as compared to many the drive and show you all the data that can be recovered such as deleted photos, documents, videos, emails etc.

It also comes with a portable version to keep it with you all the time. This tool is best for people who want a quick and simple tool to recover data, but it may not be able to recover all the data like other tools can.

Free Download 3. After scanning, the tool will show all the files that can be recovered, and even show whole deleted folders. You can just open up folders to recover data from them or just recover everything with a single click. You can recover, Images, music, documents, videos, emails from email clients and compressed files.

Pandora Recovery Pandora Recovery is a feature rich tool with tons of customization options and deep scanning capability. It also comes with a wizard to guide you through the process and let you choose how you want to scan. You can scan a type of file, the whole drive or deep scan to look for all the files with most files recovered.

You can connect other removable storage devices to scan them as well, and all scanning methods will apply to them. You will also find helping tips to understand what each button do as soon as you need to use them.

Free Download 5. Minitool Partition Recovery This is a really amazing tool with very simple yet attractive interface. However, its free version is only limited to 1 GB of data recovery. After that, you will have to upgrade to a paid version.

The tool is capable of recovering data from formatted, damaged and even deleted partitions with amazing results. In our experience, the tool did an astounding job of recovering data from a simple drive. It recovered 5 times more files than the other tools mentioned here and divided all the files according to their extensions, making it extremely easy to find the required file.

Although, it also took quite some time to scan the drive, but the results were pleasing. Glary Undelete Glary Undelete is a simple and lightweight tool with limited features just like some other tools in this list. However, it has some really good filtering options, which you can use to easily find the required files.

You only have the option to scan a drive removable as well and it will be a quick scan, not a deep one. You will be quickly presented with all the data that can be recovered categorized by their extensions. Here, you can filter your search according to size, time, state of recovery and file name. Free Download 7. For example, you can add filters to only search for specific file name, extension, size or attribute like, hidden or read-only, etc. The tool is also quite quick and scans deeply to recover all the files.

We found almost twice more files as compared to some quick scan tools mentioned in this list. Free Download 8. PC Inspector File Recovery This is a bit advanced tool with very complex use, we will never recommend it to any novice user.

However, the tool will let you scan a drive deeply and choose which sectors to scan. A full deep scan of a 40 GB data drive may take more than 2 hours. The results are also pleasing as the tool will find almost all files that are recoverable. Free Download Data Recovery Tools for Smartphones Android and iPhone Although, the above mentioned tools can scan and recover data on smartphones too when connected via USB, but they are not specially made for them. To recover smartphone data like, messages, logs and IM history, etc.

Check the tools below to recover Smartphone data. Wondershare Dr. Fone Wondershare Dr. Fone is a renowned data recovery tool for both Android and iOS. It is extremely easy to use with step by step instructions.

All you need to do is connect your phone to your PC and let the tool do the rest. If your phone is rooted, then it will work on any Android phone, and some supported brands phone may also require root.

The interface, complexity and recovery is almost same as Dr. Fone, the difference comes at supported formats, devices and Price.

At EaseUs website, you will also find some handy articles to help with recovering data from your Smartphone the process is a bit complex as compared to PC. SSD vs. The Data recovery tools mentioned above are the best in the industry and serves the purpose of recovering deleted data from desktop and mobile devices. If you know any other reliable and best data recovery tool that deserves to be on the list, feel free to let us know in comments section.

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Wondershare Dr Fone 9. Fone 9 Crack with Keygen Dr. Fone 9. It is very versatile and can run on many different hardware platforms including mobile devices. With this application, you can recover any type of data. Such as you can use it to completely recover all the lost data from your Android phone within a few minutes.

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Wondershare for Android, is a capable recovery solution for Android smartphones. It allows you to directly recover deleted data from. Wondershare Crack is special design software for the iPhone,iPad, and dr fone crack 9 6 4; dr fone 9 8 1 download; dr fone 9 6 0 crack; dr fone ios 9 6 . List of top 10 best data recovery software that helps when you want to recover You can recover data such as, Pictures, audio (mp3), documents, videos, Wise Data Recovery tool is not one of the most feature rich or customizable software. . , iOS /iOS 9, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus and upto Android Lollipop.

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