Need GOOD codec for Windows Photo Viewer on Windows 7 64-bit

Automatic resizing of photos and on demand timer control. Create an album or just browse and playback photos. Create a dynamic slideshow by saving your photos to a favorites folder.
windows photo viewer for windows 7 64 bit

Windows Photo Viewer 7 For Windows 7

Irfanview Irfanview is one of the most popularly used and best Windows 7 photo viewer software you can get. Professionals can also take advantage of this powerful tool, which, unlike other photo viewers, is built to create new, unique, and interesting features for your graphics. It is this variety of features that comes with Irfanview that makes people love it and also use it as their photo editor , besides viewing photos, because it also supports filters from Adobe Photoshop.

PhotoViewer Pro This photo viewer tool comes with zoom support, as well as image editing tools so you can resize, rotate or flip, crop, sharpen, blur, adjust lighting, adjust colors, and many more editing effects. You also get image color effects which ideally are like using filters, but these are limited to grayscale, sepia, RGB adjustment, and negative.

You can also use Paint options such as drawing texts, lines, shapes and callout objects on images. A unique thing about this tool is its Clone Stamp and Healing Brush. If you want to collate all your favorite family photos for a memorable experience, you can use the PhotoViewer Pro to create montages which you can use as screensavers or wallpapers for your viewing pleasure.

XNView This is also one of the best Windows 7 photo viewer software used in the world. Besides offering viewer capabilities, you can also convert images as it supports over image formats. This tool offers different viewing features such as Thumbnail, Full screen, Filmstrip and Slideshow so you can always view based on your preferences, or when making a presentation.

You can also edit images using the various editing features such as resize, rotate, crop, adjusting brightness and contrast, modifying colors, or even applying filters among other effects. You can also export over 70 image formats, but also create slideshows, web pages, contact sheets, image strips, and so much more. It has unrivaled compatibility in terms of format support, which includes animated still formats, GIFs and ICO support. Other cool features include batch processing, which really is good if you have so many photos to work with.

Top 7 photo viewer software for Windows 10 6. FastStone photo viewer Besides having a unique name, this Windows 7 photo viewer comes in two types for your viewing pleasure: With this tool, you can also compare up to 4 images side by side at a go, so you can modify your photos for better viewing. It also comes with the usual features such as color effects, paint options, editing tools, and image magnifier, zoom support, different screen view styles, print and scan options, create montages, batch processing and so much more.

FastStone MaxView This is just like the FastStone image viewer, but it is fast, compact and supports major graphic formats. Other regular features include photo editing, paint options, but you can view compressed or archive files securely and directly. It also supports touch interfaces if you like to touch or swipe. Otherwise, it also comes with all other features included in the Image Viewer version.

Xlideit image viewer This Windows 7 photo viewer by SourceForge comes free of charge and contains most, if not all, features you would want in an ideal photo viewer.

It is lightweight and comes with tools such as editing, image management, and basic processing. The interface has a thumbnail bar at the bottom that shows all your images, plus you can use the toolbar to access the popular commands such as zoom, rotate, crop, delete, resize, slideshow, and even list sorting. Nexus Image viewer This portable app is free for use, and lets you view your images in a crisp, sharp display, with fast loading capabilities.

You can use it in place of your old boring photo viewer, and easily edit, zoom in or out, plus enjoy moving easily between images and folders. Honeyview This Windows 7 photo viewer is fast, supports different formats and viewing of images in compressed and archive files without the need to extract them. One cool thing about this photo viewer is that if your images have GPS information, their location can easily be seen on Google Maps, and you can store the photos you want.

You also get a photo folder feature where you can store any of your favorite photos. WildBit Viewer This is another small, fast, but compact Windows 7 photo viewer with a simple interface, slideshow functionality, and photo editor. It also lets you save your favorite photos in a folder, and create a custom slideshow with different transition effects for your viewing pleasure. It has a simple user interface where you can quickly find the necessary tools for the editing process.

You will find there special effects filters, color controls, exposure controls, selection tools and many more. Gimp is more a tool for beginners and for amateurs that would like to create some basic images by using some of the most used tools.

We strongly recommend it, especially because of its price — free. Plus that, the tool works with every Windows version from 7 and higher. Have you found your favorite pick among these Windows 7 photo viewer tools? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Version 5. Now you can view and process images named in different types of characters e. Now you can press 1 to 9 to select a pre-defined destination folder Many other improvements and bug fixes Version 5. Now you can click and drag in image to adjust the curves directly.

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We offer trustworthy and safe downloads of image viewing software, for free. Toggle navigation; Windows A photo viewer – or image viewer, if you prefer – allows you to proudly view FastPictureViewer bit · FastPictureViewer bit. Download Photo Viewer for Windows 7 – Best Software & Apps Windows 7 . Setting up of favorite folders etc. can take time, Only supports bit architecture. If you upgrade a PC running Windows 7 or to Windows 10, Windows Photo Viewer will be available and you can set it as your default photo.

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