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So, stay on and read the full post and follow every single step one by one to use WhatsApp on PC. Does mobile hang because of heavy data and hundreds of Chat messages in Whatsapp? Most of the People use WhatsApp on Mobile but that is not comfortable Especially when you working on your pc. Now open this Official Whatsapp Link Click here.
whatsapp for laptop windows 7 free download

Which version should I download?

The reason of listing two methods is to provide you the best user interface and the concrete solution of your query right in this article. So, try any of the below method according to your convenience in order to make it work for you. Method 1 — Download Whatsapp for PC Using Bluestacks This is the first method in which you are supposed to apply, you will using an Android emulator which will help you to create a virtual OS on your computer.

Additionally, we are using Bluestacks as it is the most awesome Android Emulators. However, your system must have good configuration in order to use this for your PC. First of all, you need to Download Bluestacks on your computer by Clicking Here. Ones it is downloaded on your PC, then you need to install it.

Remember that installation will take few minutes of yours. So, sit back and be patient until it get completely installed on your computer. After installation it will be launched, if not then launch it from where you have installed it. Simply Click on it. Then it will take you to the Google play Store, from where you can install the Whatsapp. You need to Click on Install button to get this awesome app for your PC. Afterwards, the installation will begin. Ones the installation is done then you will see Open button there, simply Click on it to Launch Whatsapp.

You can find all your installed app in App folder which will be in Bluestacks folder. Ones you have launched the Whatsapp then it will ask you to verify your number.

You need to enter your number along with your country code and Click on OK Now, it will give you a cross-check pop message. You need to cross-check your number and Click on OK button. Then you will receive a voice call which will be giving your Six-Digit Verification Code. If you could not receive the voice call then go for Text message Now, to add Contacts use the same method which you use on your phone, there is no difference in it.

The Whatsapp on your PC will be exactly same as on your phone. This was it! You will be using Whatsapp without installing any Emulator or third-part software on your PC. Additionally, it is the official method which let you use Whatsapp for PC. This method is going to work for you self-using the Google Chrome web browser which means you need to have Google Chrome browser in order to avail the benefit from this method. This is a web-based method which will work online.

Now, without taking much time of yours, you are requested to get towards the steps to explore more about it. Since, Whatsapp web version is not that famous when compared with the mobile version of this instant messaging app.

But, still this is the best way to use Whatsapp because it will enable the fast typing for you. First of all download and install Google Chrome on your computer, if not installed. Ones you have got the Chrome for your PC then go to this Link. Then you need to Launch Whatsapp on your Android or Blackberry phones.

After that, you need to move towards Whatsapp menu on your device by tapping on three dotted line from right or by tapping the menu button on your phone. Afterwards, you need to tap on Whatsapp Web. Now, you will see a QR code on your phone too. Now, you will be able to use Whatsapp on your PC without diverting your attention. So, once you are done you should log off the Whatsapp from your PC as it will be active if your smartphone is somewhere nearby.

This method is the official one and it works well with the Android, iPhone, Windows phone and as well as with Windows, Mac Desktops. So, without any hassle you can transfer the texts, music and video clips for free of cost. Whatsapp have the simple and intuitive interface.

The interface is easy to use and it can be used by the beginners. You just have to install the app and then it will import all the contacts directly. You can send unlimited messages and share music and video clips with the people. You just need a stable internet connection and you are ready to send the unlimited messages to anyone. You can create groups with your friends and relatives and can chat with them in the group.

This feature is useful if you have the larger audience and you can share enormous information. Also, Whatsapp have the Broadcast feature list where you can send the message in the single shot to the saved recipients list. Recently, Whatsapp launched their video call and voice call services. Now, you can make video and voice calls for free of cost and can call anybody from the globe if they are using Whatsapp.

You must have the internet connection to make the smooth voice or video call. Whatsapp has also launched their Whatsapp web version. This version is useful for the chat addicts as they will have the bigger keyboard and bigger screen to chat with.

Another biggest advantage of using Whatsapp is that it has added end-to-end encryption to their Whatsapp app. So, with this feature your messages are completely private and no one can see the messages. It is just like having face to face conversation.

So, the spammers can steal the information easily if you click on those spam messages. Whatsapp is so addictive that the chat addicts will face the battery drain issue a lot. So, if you continuously chatting then it is more likely that your phone battery will drain soon. Your Whatsapp profile is visible to everyone.

So, anyone can see your Whatsapp DP without your consent. Also, Whatsapp save the file of chat backup to your phone files.

So, it is very easy for your relatives to read all the chats from that folder. Another irritating feature is the blue tick which means that you have read the message so you cannot deny that you have not seen the message. To use Whatsapp you must have the mobile data or the Wi-Fi connection.

So, if you are not in the position to afford the bill of the internet connection then you cannot use Whatsapp. Here are 9 Reasons why Whatsapp is Best App 1. Some apps are available only on android while some only on windows.

Whatsapp makes sure it is ready for all kinds of hardware and software. It is available for iOs, windows, blackberry and android. There are even older versions which could work on Symbian platforms as well! One of the quickest download times for any app Whatsapp downloads quickly even if you are still a man with a 2G internet connection.

The maximum time you need from downloading the app to start using it is no more than five minutes. This process is faster if you are in wireless or any high-speed internet environment. Too simple to operate When we talk about apps which are simple to use, Whatsapp is bound to come on top as one the simplest apps to use.

I mean nothing in this app, no operation no function is complex to understand to execute. It costs virtually nothing Everybody knows Whatsapp is free for the first year.

For the whole year and you get to connect with all your distant friends and loved ones all year round. Hence, it costs virtually nothing. It is not just texting With Whatsapp you can:

If you have a 64 bit operating system:

Install WhatsApp web and Open it. You will see a QR Code like in the image below. Then simply scan qr code. Both have their pros and cons. I recommend you to use WhatsApp using the Bluestacks method.

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