Thumbnail August 17, Developed to encourage those who have never used or considered using a VPN to control how and when they share personal data online, HMA! Pro VPN v3 offers a streamlined, friendlier interface, to do one thing: Pro VPN v3 users can now choose one of three easy-to-use connection modes, to fit their specific needs:
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HMA! Pro VPN 4.4.141

When you activate a VPN, it creates an encrypted tunnel to protect your data as it passes from your computer to a server controlled by the VPN. From there, your data exits onto the open internet. It’s a simple concept, but one with enormous consequences for your privacy and security. For one thing, it prevents anyone lurking on your local network from monitoring or intercepting your activity.

While the airport or coffee shop Wi-Fi network looks safe it might even be password-protected it’s not really safe unless you’re using a VPN. For another thing, a VPN can prevent your Internet Service Provider ISP from gathering information about your online activities so it can sell anonymized user data to the highest bidder. A VPN also makes it more difficult to correlate your online activities with your identity. Because your traffic is exiting from the VPN company’s server, you appear to have its IP address, effectively hiding your true location.

It also forces even the most determined attacker to try and sort through all the traffic from other users on the same VPN server to find what they’re after. For these reasons, and more, you need a VPN in your life.

Provided the website you’re accessing uses HTTPS, your data should be secure all the way along its journey. Also, while VPNs can provide a modicum of anonymity, a tool like the Tor network is far better at concealing your identity. VPNs have long been used by journalists and political activists to circumvent censorship in countries with repressive internet policies.

They’re also handy if you’re looking to circumvent geographic restrictions on streaming content. Some VPNs don’t appreciate these activities which may be in violation of terms of service or even local laws and content providers such as Netflix are also cracking down on users who spoof their location and the VPN services they use to do it.

There’s a good chance that you may have never laid hands on a VPN before. If that’s the case, don’t worry! We’ve got a whole feature on how to set up and use a VPN. The service offers neither a free version nor a free trial. Most of these services place limitations on your service unless you pay, however. Hide My Ass, however, does have a day money-back guarantee, and it offers loyalty rewards for convincing others to sign up.

NordVPN also charges an above-average rate, but that gets you an above-average number of VPN servers and allows six simultaneous connections.

Those are decent prices for those durations, but it’s worth noting that some VPN services, such as KeepSolid VPN Unlimited, offer lifetime plans, for long-term protection.

Notably, KeepSolid also has a wide variety of plans—some as short as a week. Crypto payments, and prepaid gift cards purchased with cash, make your transactions more anonymous. TorGuard starts you with five and then has low fees for adding as many more as you’d like. Hide My Ass recently changed its pricing plan to finally allow five devices on a single subscription.

Despite its impressive geographic coverage, Hide My Ass has nothing in the way of specialty servers. Editors’ Choice winner NordVPN , on the other hand, has a specific server type for high-speed video streaming, another that routes your VPN connection through the Tor network, others for P2P file sharing and BitTorrent, and yet another that provides double encryption.

Editors’ Review

Date added: March 25th, – Trial 1 votes, average: The purpose of HMA! Pro VPN is to keep your identity and your data wholly secured. It can provide you with multiple IP addresses, servers, and locations.

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Pro VPN to protect your online privacy. Here at HMA! we use OpenVPN® *. AES is an encryption technique that uses a ‑bit key to encrypt and. HideMyAss! (HMA!) is a virtual private network (VPN) provider founded in in the United Its software is used to access websites that may be blocked in the user’s country, to anonymize information that could otherwise be used by hackers , . “HMA Pro VPN review: An easy-to-use tool for securing your online privacy”. HMA! Pro VPN is a leading internet encryption service based on virtual private network technology. Whilst VPN’s are predominantly used to remotely connect.

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