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After testing it more on my computer, I realized what its used for Or at least in my case anyways. I belong to a Gaming Site Aeria Games and with their games that you download and Patch, it allows for transfers between those that have the same files you are updating to seamlessly. Since the game is always updating with new content every week, the game its self needs a way to send you patches so you don’t have to wait for it when you do end up wanting to play it. Another noted Game that uses the same system is World of Warcraft as well as many video Broadcasting softwares. Uninstalling it will have no ill effects outside of If you decide you want to use the program it was attached to and there was a recent patch, you are going to have to wait and download it to use the program again.
what is akamai net session

What is Akamai NetSession Client in Windows

What is Akamai Netsession client? Akamai Netsession Client Akamai Netsession client Interface program is a download manager which also works as a tool to enhance your download speed on your computer. There are many well-known companies using this tool from around the world.

Whenever you download anything from the internet you might see Speed Boost in your Downloading speed and the speed offers by this client have a flexibility and reliability too. Features of Akamai Netsession client include: How does Akamai Net session client work? Akamai Net session allows you to transfer files seamlessly. There is no Physical connection to your PC but, it is more like a Door Way into a virtual Storage pit that your computer transfers files to and from.

Is Akamai Netsession client safe to keep ? The answer is YES. This application is just like any other application on your computer.

You can easily uninstall it by following the same method which you use for any other application. Uninstall Akamai Netsession Client Interface?

Steps to Uninstall Akamai Netsession from Windows To uninstall this app through the uninstaller program, use these simple instructions.

Restart your computer so that changes can take effect. Restart your Mac so that changes can take effect. Akamai Netsession interface download Download Is it a Virus? The Function of this interface is to help you in making the downloading speed high.

This is all you need to know about Akamai Netsession client interface download and these were done of the highlighted features of it.

After studying about Akamai Netsession client in detail, we can state that it is totally safe to keep it in your computer and use it whenever required. If you have any doubts regarding Akamai Netsession client, then please let us know about it in the comments section below.


The Akamai NetSession Interface is a secure application which when installed on your PC, upgrades the speed, reliability, and proficiency of data and media downloads and video streams from the internet. Many software and media publishers use this interface to bring files or streams to you. It runs in the background and uses an insignificant amount of your upload bandwidth when you are not actively downloading content. Installation and Download Akamai NetSession client at times comes pre-installed on your PC or it comes bundled with a significant number of applications and programs — especially with games that you install on your PC. If you do not already have Akamai NetSession client and want to install it then go to the link below.

VIDEO: What is Akamai Netsession Interface Download Safe or Not?

It’s the Akamai Net Session Interface. Ick. cloud.finnflare.com in my Windows Task Manager. You can always right click on suspicious. Akamai Netsession Client is an interface. Akamai Netsession client allows you to transfer files seamlessly. There is no Physical connection to your PC or Laptop. Akamai Netsession Client is a secure interface program pre-installed on your Windows PC/Laptop by akamai® to improve your download.

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