Walmart Goes Mobile With New Apps For iPhone & iPad

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walmart app for iphone

Walmart Has an iPad App Now

But a couple of the main things I liked have actually changed for the worse. First is the savings catcher. Matches the sale prices at other stores and puts them on a digital Walmart card for you. You used to be able to scan your receipt.

But now they will only do it if you used Walmart pay and paid through the app. And Walmart pay has its own issues. Next is their 2 day shipping. Things used to show up in the promised 2 days. They are only counting actual transit time.

NOT processing time! And both my items were sold shipped by Walmart. And both said 2 day shipping. And both promised a delivery date in 2 days before I hit the pay button. Then magically the date changes to four days or beyond.

Keep that in mind for gifts. Just be upfront about it. Okay like so many people I have been doing the savings catcher for years now. I always joke with my wife that the savings rewards are my little bonus for how much she spends there. However this last little update has really ticked me off. I know a lot of people are upset about the auto gift card transfer.

I thought that it might just be the app. So I tried my laptop. Then I wrote customer service and they said they were sorry but that I should access the site from google chrome. I just wish that everything would be as smooth as it used to be. I have chosen not to use Walmart Pay for personal and security reasons, not to mention that I also like to pay cash. This move clearly to force users to use Walmart pay or miss out disenfranchises so many users!

I know that you have lost me for sure from your app, and possibly from shopping as often, as receipt uploads to savings catcher made me shop there more often. I genuinely want to use Savings Catcher and have the convenience of having receipts saved for me again.

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Those who use the big box store’s pharmacy can also easily refill prescriptions through the app. Pros Many ways to shop: Search the built-in browser, shop by department, scan an item, or tap “Reorder” on the bottom rail to repurchase the items you buy most often. You can discover whether the items are available in store and, if so, on which aisle. You can also create an order for pickup at the store.

VIDEO: Walmart iOS App Now Includes AR Scanner to Do Product Comparisons

Easy to use iPhone, iPod, iPad app for Overnight Parking at Wal marts in the United States. Download Walmart App for iPhone OS. Shop for savings with the Walmart App for the iPhone. Walmart released an iPad app at the beginning of this month – Walmart for iPad. The massive low-price retail chain has had an iPhone app for.

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