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Recently, the software division of Sony that created these plug—ins have executed a management buyout led by Rod Densham, now MD of the new enterprise, an independent company trading under the name of Sonnox. The processors have been renamed the Sonnox Oxford Plug—ins, and new plug—ins are in development. To help promote the range, various bundles are being offered to make buying multiple plug—ins more enticing, and most importantly, they have all now been ported to native VST, Audio Units and RTAS formats, meaning that all users of mainstream recording software now have access to them.
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Yes, the latest licences need to reside on a 2nd generation iLok key to authorise the bit plug-ins. Users of the original blue iLok device will still be able to run the bit software. I have an original, blue iLok key. Which versions of Sonnox plug-in can I use? All new Sonnox plug-ins, upgrades and demos will include installers for bit plug-in software compatible for use with the original blue iLoks. Pro Tools users may use either original blue iLoks or the new 2nd generation iLoks.

I own a Sonnox plug-in licence from a Massive Pack bundle. How do I upgrade my licence to use the new bit Native plug-in? Massive Pack bundles containing Oxford R3 EQ plug-ins can follow the general upgrade advice given above. Massive Pack 6 contains the Oxford Dynamics. How do I upgrade my licences to use the new bit Native plug-ins and how much will it cost?

The Sonnox Edition plug-ins do not provide Native support. However, they may be upgraded together to provide the following support: Yes, you can install the Windows software and Mac software on your computers.

Then you simply move your iLok key between your systems as required. I use a PowerPC Mac. Can I use the new plug-in software? Unfortunately, it’s not possible to use the latest versions of Oxford plug-in software with PowerPC Mac computers.

However, we will continue to provide legacy Mac Universal Binary plug-in software which is compatible for use with the latest plug-in licence type. Do the new bit plug-ins looks different than before? Many of the Oxford plug-ins have been in daily use around the world for many years. Do the new bit plug-ins sound better? The audio quality of Sonnox bit Native plug-ins is identical to the previous bit versions.

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I’d always used this plugin native version for each track, but it was heavy. Hughes July 10, Sweet! This is one of those ‘does one thing and does it well’ plug ins that comes in really handy. Not one single person has as yet said I haven’t read the manual yet, so I probably should so I can get the most out of it, but I think it’s another great UAD-2 tool that I’ll use daily. I see so many negative reviews here from cheapskates moaning about the cost of these plugs but c’mon guys, we’re saving freaking thousands of dollars using these great plug ins instead of having to buy the hardware units that don’t sound any different generally. This tech is just plain brilliant, especially when used with an Apollo.

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Previously sold with Sony Oxford branding, these plug-ins have quite a It’s the most unusual plug-in, but Transient Modulator is no mere novelty. What’s more, they’re cross-platform and cross-format: there’s VST support for the EQ, Dynamics, Inflator, Transient Modulator, Reverb and Limiter plug-ins. Buy Sonnox Oxford Inflator – Loudness Plug-In (Native) featuring Increases Perceived Loudness, Adds Presence Provides Additional Virtual Headroom. Review. Shop for Sonnox Oxford Plugins gear at Vintage King Audio and receive fast and free electronic delivery, tech support, and 0% Sonnox Oxford Inflator – Native.

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