Top 3 Ways to Fix WMI Provider Host High CPU Usage after Windows 10 Creators Update

Is your PC running slow due to this high disk usage problem? You can easily troubleshoot your problem using the methods provided in this guide. It allows applications on your computer to request and fetch information about other applications. For your operating system to perform optimally, you need this process running.
vmi provider host

WMI Provider Host high CPU usage – 100% Fix

It is an important service used by the Developers for Monitoring Purposes. If this process stops working properly, a lot of the features in your PC will become waste. The worst part is you may not even receive error notifications.

Therefore, it is necessary to fix this problem. I will present them all one after another. Including their Step-wise Guide. After solving your problem do let us know the method that worked for you in comments We recommend you to follow the method in the order mentioned below. However, sometimes a virus or malware can disguise themselves using this name and reside in any folder.

This malware or virus then starts causing problems like high CPU usage. Follow these steps in order to clean your computer: Download and install an anti-virus software. If it is already installed, skip to the next step. Open the anti-virus program and do a Full Scan or Complete Scan of your computer. This way your problem is solved just by cleaning up the threats.

You can now continue using your PC in the normal manner. Follow these steps in order to do so: The Run dialog box will appear. Right-click on it and then select Restart. Windows 10 Creators Update users should type cmd. Afterwards, type the following commands in the Command Prompt window and hit Enter after each one: Firstly, net stop iphlpsvc.

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It allows other applications on your computer to request information about your system. Better start reading! This is a Windows feature that provides a standardized way for software and administrative scripts to request information about the state of your Windows operating system and data on it. For example, software or commands could find information about the state of BitLocker drive encryption , view entries from the event log, or request data from installed applications that include a WMI provider. Microsoft has a list of included WMI providers on its website.

VIDEO: WMI Provider Host – High CPU Usage

Greetings everyone, The issue with WMI Provider Host persists. If you have any suggestions, please do not hesitate to reply. Also, what is a. One of the most common of reasons for high CPU usage is the WMI Provider Host ( process over utilizing system resources. Hello. I recently ran into a laptop overheating problem. When I checked my task manager, I noticed three WMI Provider Host sessions. Two of.

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