Virus scanner initialization failed. Antivirus protection will not function properly.

Starting the service, will generate an event log of either one of two errors: ID with the following message: Invalid virus scanner configuration.
virus scanner initialization failed

Problem with NOD32. antivirus protection is disabled

Starting the service, will generate an event log of either one of two errors: ID with the following message: Invalid virus scanner configuration. Unable to start virus scanner 2. ID with this message: Error 0x3ee starting the Microsoft Exchange Information Store. This API provides three different mechanisms for scanning emails and information store items: Proactive Scan: This scan occurs as an item is written to the store.

On Access: This cannot be disabled Background Scan: Can be enabled or disable via an Exchange registry key value Proactive and On Access scanning provides complete coverage of items as they enter the Exchange information store and again when the item is accessed via an email client such as Microsoft Outlook. Scanning on entry and on access ensures that even if a virus is missed when it enters the store it is likely to be identified when the email is accessed.

The background scan provides an additional, arguably unnecessary, level of scanning. The idea is to use spare Exchange processing time to continuously scan the information store for viruses using the latest identity library the AV engine holds.

However, there are a number of limitation in the implementation of background scanning: It can consume significant process resources on the Exchange server. The background scan restarts whenever an update is made to the virus engine.

Since the majority of av engines are now updated times per day it is quite common for the background scan to never complete a full scan of the information store.

Taking the limitations of background scanning into consideration, alongside the excellent level of protection provided by proactive and on access scanning, it would be fair to conclude that background scanning is not required to ensure adequate protection is provided for Exchange servers”.

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File archiver and data compression utility has such security feature too to scan files stored inside the archive for viruses and malware. For example, WinRAR has a VirusScan button or command that allows user to select or specify a virus scanner with its parameter. Thus, nod However, for user who insists that the realtime security protection provided by ESET ESS or EAV antivirus service which scan all files on point of access receive from download or decompress extract from archive , plus web-access protection which scan the HTTP traffic before the data is actually been written to disk, is not enough, ECLS can be used as an alternative to set as virus scanner to use to scan files and folders received by instant messaging IM client or unzip from file decompression utility. Change and replace with actual full path to the folder which saves and stores the file downloaded or transfered or extracted. On the same tab there is option to specify which folder to save the received files.

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If you receive the notification “installation ended prematurely” when upgrading to ESET Smart Security or ESET NOD32 Antivirus, see our. Error code returned from virus scanner initialization routine. Virus scanner was not If there is a failure starting an Exchange Storage Group. Nod32 virus scanner initialization failed – malware filter google and nod32 home + kaspersky generator.

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