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TextNow – Free Text : Free Texting Picture Messaging and Phone Number

It was great APP in Forget Tech Support, it all comes down to buying a new phone and computer and reinstalling the APP after every update. Support is great about finding ways to waste your time.

Once they ask for screen shots, they are done with you…. I prefered the way you could watch videos to earn minutes or simply buy them. Now, the ADS take over. Some even blast full volume while the Close button remains unresponsive until most of the ad has played.

I am reinstalling after the last update, where the APP is doing a familiar thing. Opens, closes, opens, closes, without end. The phone is a bit better, it only opens and crashes a usual 3 times before remaing open. I am looking for another APP, but, I have had the same number for 10 years now, and would like the company to just fix the thing already. It used to lock up on ads but they seem to have solved that.

Old issue: Normally this application puts up ads in the lower left corner. That’s fine. I can look at them and the app still functions. Once in a while it puts up a modal dialog box and locks you into an ad which you can’t get out of except by force quitting TextNow.

For this reason I give it only one star. The app is a little kluggy. It needs refinement. For that I should deduct one more star.

They just start the process and before I even had a phone number, my account was blocked for violating their terms agreement. Very frustrating experience. I would look elsewhere – just not worth the hassle.


TextNow Case Study: The campaign encouraged and incentivized users to interact with their app, resulting in up to 79 percent conversion rates. With over 60 million downloads to date, TextNow is on a mission to radically transform the telecom landscape. Users that engage with the core app experience early in their lifecycle are more likely to become loyal users, and retain long term. TextNow wanted to ensure that newly onboarded users understood how to use the app and get immediate value.

VIDEO: TextNow – free text + calls

TextNow – Unlimited Free Texting and Picture Messaging (SMS & MMS) for iPhone, iPad Review. By Tycho Luyben On March 17, App Type: iPad, iPhone. Enflick Announces Unlimited Free Text and Picture Messaging With TextNow – Available from the iTunes App-Store. WATERLOO. The TextNow app gives users their very own dedicated phone number and offers free unlimited texting, calling, picture messaging, voicemail.

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