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Is TeamViewer really a one time purchase? Some of our customers have even complained about TeamViewer upgrading all of their endpoints automatically without their knowledge, and then requiring an upgrade payment after an evaluation period. So, you might want to make a note that the upgrade pricing might be a total surprise to you. TeamViewer pricing considering its limited concurrent sessions Another thing to consider with Teamviewer pricing is how many concurrent remote sessions you need to have going at once time. Even if you are just a one person IT shop you might need to connect to several different computers or customers at the same time.
teamviewer single license

TeamViewer Corporate License – LifeTime Usage – Multiple Channels

Contents and formation of the Agreement 1. Parties and subject matter. Windows, Mac OS X and apps for mobile terminals e.

The same shall apply to support services, which to a varying extent, depending on the stipulated service contents, may also become the subject matter of the Agreement. Formation and contents of the Agreement. Details about the Agreement e. Freemium Software. No deviating regulations. The application of provisions different from or in excess to these EULA shall be excluded. Performance specifications and Software activation 2. Performance specification. The contractually stipulated properties of Software and server services shall be conclusively determined by the Performance Specification, and not by verbal or written statements made by TeamViewer beforehand to the conclusion of the Agreement.

Individual functionalities of TeamViewer services depend on third-party products and services, which may change. This may require TeamViewer to adapt or limit its services accordingly. TeamViewer shall provide the Software for online retrieval download by the Customer. Following completion of the Order, the Customer in case of fee-based use shall be provided by TeamViewer or by the Third-Party Provider with a license key, which the Customer shall enter into the Software, or an URL, which the Customer may click for activation.

After entering the license key or clicking on the URL, the Customer shall have the rights of use and functionalities of the paid-up version pursuant to this Agreement. Non-exclusive right of use. TeamViewer herewith grants the Customer the non-exclusive, revocable, worldwide pursuant to applicable export controls; unless, the Customer in the order process is explicitly granted a right of use restricted to a specific territory , non- transferable and non-sublicensable right to install, run and use the Software on computers to the extent of the scope of use specified in the Order and the present EULA.

Term of use. If the Customer has acquired the license against a fee from a Third-Party Provider, the rights of use granted under this Agreement shall be limited to the term of the agreement between the Customer and the Third-Party Provider.

If the Customer has purchased a license directly from TeamViewer, the term of use shall follow from the order. Scope of use. The scope of the granted rights and the permitted scope of use shall follow from the order and this EULA. The scope of the granted rights and the admissible scope of use e. The Order may indicate further restrictions of the permitted scope of use. The use of the Freemium Software is permitted for private use as well as for commercial purposes.

Any use of the Software in excess of the contractually stipulated scope of use shall be prohibited. The Customer herewith agrees to refrain from any such use. Excess use shall include without limitation if the Customer uses the Service continuously for an unreasonably long period of time. This shall in any event be the case with a period of 12 hours. In such case, TeamViewer shall retain the right to interrupt the Service without prior announcement.

The Customer shall not do and shall not procure any third party to do any of the following: The Customer undertakes to treat the Software in confidence, not to disclose or use it, unless this is explicitly permitted in this Agreement.

The Customer acknowledges and agrees that there will be no adequate remedies in the event of a breach of this section 2. Inter partes, TeamViewer shall retain any and all rights and claims to the Software and to the Software updates provided by TeamViewer as well as to any copies, modifications, and derived versions of the Software, including without limitation any and all patents and copyrights, rights to business secrets and trademarks as well as any other protective or intellectual property rights.

TeamViewer shall have the right, but not the obligation to technically configure the Software and the server services in such a way that it is impossible to exceed the permitted scope of use. Server services and other services by TeamViewer 3. Server services. In addition, the transmission of data in the context of a session e. TeamViewer is willing to provide the Customer with the relevant server services.

In so doing it is not possible to rule out that the server services might be interrupted due to technical difficulties. The Internet connection between the Customer and the data center and the relevant required hardware and software e.

The resulting costs shall be borne by the Customer. If the Costumer has acquired a license for a fee directly from TeamViewer, the server services may be provided limited to the contract term pursuant to the Order.

In case of unlimited or limited gratuitous provisions for use, the Customer shall not be entitled to server services, and TeamViewer may at any time discontinue or modify the server services. Installation, setup. The Customer shall install and configure the Software himself. The above services shall not be owed by TeamViewer.

TeamViewer shall owe support only to the extent that this has been explicitly stipulated. Any additional provided support may be modified or terminated by TeamViewer at any time. TeamViewer shall provide a user manual in pdf format in German and in English, which may be retrieved online. Additional languages may be offered by TeamViewer on a voluntary basis, but shall not be contractually owed.

The documentation is available at https: As has been agreed by and between the Parties, all rights, claims, and benefits under such documentation shall remain with TeamViewer, as well as the rights to all copies, modifications and derived versions therefore, including without limitation to patent rights, copyrights, business secrets, trademark rights and any other intellectual property rights.

TeamViewer may at its own discretion provide free Software updates for download. Updates may comprise of bug fixes as well as smaller functional improvements e. There shall be no obligation to provide updates. The Customer shall be required at his own expense to input the respective current Software update of the main version used by him.

The rights of use according to the Software as such shall apply accordingly to updates section 2. Conference call number. If the Customer has not acquired a package containing the use of phone numbers, the use of the conference call number shall be subject to charges and not covered by the user fee according to this Agreement. As a matter of principle, the caller shall bear the costs for calling the provided phone number pursuant to the terms of his phone provider.

Changes to services. TeamViewer may modify the Software as part of updates and server services including system requirements for good cause.

Such good cause shall include without limitation if the modification is required because of i a necessary adjustment to a new legal situation or case law, ii changed technical framework conditions e. Lawful use. The Customer shall use the Software and the server services only within the context of the provisions of this Agreement and pursuant to applicable statutory provisions and shall not infringe any third-party rights when using the above.

When using the above, he shall in particular comply with the data protection and export control regulations. Export controls and economic sanctions. Customer acknowledges that the software and related technical data and services collectively Controlled Technology are subject to the import and export control and economic sanctions laws of Germany, the European Union and the United States, specifically the U.

Customer agrees to comply with all relevant laws and will not export, re-export, or transfer any Controlled Technology in contravention of German, EU or U. Customer further agrees that it will not export, transfer, or sell any Controlled Technology for use in connection with chemical, biological, or nuclear weapons, or missiles, drones or space launch vehicles capable of delivering such weapons.

Customer represents that it is not i a Restricted Party; ii currently engaging in any transaction, activity or conduct that could result in a violation of applicable Sanctions and warrants that it will not make available the Controlled Technology directly or indirectly, to, or for the benefit of, any Restricted Party.

Clause 4. Restricted Party means any person i designated on any Sanctions List, ii that is, or is part of, a governmental authority of a Sanctioned Territory, iii owned or controlled by, or acting on behalf of, any of the foregoing, iv located, organized, or resident in, or operating from, a Sanctioned Territory, or v otherwise targeted under any Sanctions. Sanctioned Territory means any country or other territory subject to a general export, import, financial or investment embargo under Sanctions, which countries and territories, as of the date of this Agreement, are Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria.

Sanctions means economic or financial sanctions or trade embargoes or other comprehensive prohibitions against transaction activity pursuant to anti-terrorism laws or export control laws imposed, administered or enforced from time to time by the US, EU, UN, Germany, or any country where Controlled Technology is imported or re-exported.

Restricted rights of the U. The Software shall be deemed commercial computer software within the meaning of FAR Any use, modification, reproduction version, presentation, notification, or disclosure of the Software by the U.

Government shall be made exclusively pursuant to the provisions of this Agreement. System requirements. Before using the Software, the Customer shall familiarize himself with the system requirements and shall use the Software in line with them. Confidentiality and data protection 5. The products offered for acquisition, including the Software and any and all manuals and documentation provided by TeamViewer, comprise essential components e. The Customer shall not disclose any confidential information of TeamViewer to third parties and shall use confidential information of TeamViewer only in accordance with this Agreement.

Data protection. TeamViewer strictly complies with applicable data protection laws. TeamViewer shall collect, process, and use Customer data for execution and implementation of the contractual relationship with the Customer, including in particular for the successful establishment of Internet-based connections. Customer data shall not be disclosed to third-party advertisers without prior approval.

Non-personal or anonymous data may be collected automatically in order to improve functionality and handling of the products. The Customer acknowledges and agrees that the collected non-personal or anonymous data may be transmitted for processing to any branches, subsidiaries or affiliates worldwide.

For a detailed description regarding collection, processing, and use of personal data by TeamViewer refer to the Privacy Policy under https: Indemnification 7.

TeamViewer shall notify the Customer in due time in writing about any complaints, demands, penalty payments or other third-party procedures or about any regulatory charges, conditions, or penalty payments. In such case, TeamViewer may decide at its own discretion if TeamViewer i will assume or procure legal representation or respectively, defense and if the Customer will bear the costs, or ii if it will assign legal representation or defense to the Customer.

If TeamViewer assigns legal representation or respectively, defense to the Customer, the Customer shall at his own expense select an appropriately qualified lawyer and other representatives of his choice for legal representation. In any case, TeamViewer shall retain the right to enter into a settlement with the third party or to arrange for other compensation.

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Contents and formation of the Agreement 1. Parties and subject matter. Windows, Mac OS X and apps for mobile terminals e. The same shall apply to support services, which to a varying extent, depending on the stipulated service contents, may also become the subject matter of the Agreement.

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License · Freemium. Website, TeamViewer is proprietary software for remote control, desktop sharing, online meetings, web. TeamViewer multi-channel corporate license here; main thing we like is Edit: Also the ability to have more than one person remote in at the. Team Viewer is a PC remote control/remote access software. , Premium Single Licence 1 Year vx (ESD) (S (UK)) Delivery within 3 days.

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