Review: Sylenth1 v3.030 Virtual Analog Synthesizer by LennarDigital

There’s more than meets the eye in this powerful softsynth Author: Publish date: Its straightforward design, high-res sound aliasing artifacts are truly inaudible , and thick oscillators make it easy to get started creating your own sounds. So, while its synthesis parameters are familiar and approachable, there are more complex possibilities lurking inside for you to explore.
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There are a number of commerical music production products like Ableton Live and Cubase that can server as a VST host. I use a free program simply called VSTHost that so far has been sufficient for my experimentation.

I have been using the free demo version of Synlenth 1 that disables some features and has less preset sounds. It also announces “Thank you for using this demo. I tried to record around these announcements but occasionally you will here it in the samples. It has the look and feel of a vintage analog synthesizer with knobs, switches and sliders.

You twirl the knobs, slide the sliders, and flip the switches with the mouse. Sylenth 1 has four software oscillators that generate tones using sine, square, saw, and other waves, with frequencies controlled by the keyboard.

Each oscillator has controls for pitch octave, note, and fine tuning , volume, wave phase, and stereo effects. Each oscillator also has up to eight unison voices. I initially didn’t get the reason for multiple unison voices just louder?

The oscillators are organized in two parts A and B and only one part is displayed at a time. Each part has an envelope control which affects the attack A , delay D , sustain S , and release R of the generated tones. Each part also has a filter that can modify the tones by filtering out high or low frequences. The result of the two parts is then combined by the mixer.

Sylenth 1 also has two low frequency oscillators LFOs two modulation envelope ADSR controls, and two miscellaneous controls that can be used to modulate the generated tones. In the demo version only one LFO, one modulation envelop, and one miscellaneous control are enabled.

Each of these can be set to control up to two parameters for the other components. In the screen shot LFO 1 and the key velocity how hard the keys are pressed control the filter cutoff frequency for the combined A aand B parts.

At the bottom of the screen there is a keyboard that can be played but not well by the mouse, and the traditional synthesizer pitch bend and modulation wheels, also used through the mouse which is difficult while playing a real keyboard. MIDI keyboards more expensive than mine have their own pitch bend and mod wheels that can be used instead.

Finally the Portamento knob controls the “glide” between two notes. This synthesizer has a number of built-in effects, shown as vertical tabs in the middle of the screen: Each of these have controls that can be set to modify the effect. The arpeggiator plays sequences of notes based on a played chord arpeggios. It can be set to play notes in ascending or descending order, or both, or random. The arpeggiator can also be programmed to play up to 16 notes based on transpose steps from a pressed key.

With the arpeggiator you can play quite complex music using just simple chords. The settings of all of the controls can be saved and recalled as a preset. A sound bank is a collection of presets. The Sylenth 1 demo comes with presets, some of which are sampled here. The full price version has over presets. You can buy additional sound banks from sound designers like www. The presets in the demo are grouped as follows ARP – arpeggiator.

Master Class: Ableton Operator

Sylenth1 v3. In the world of software synthesizers there are no real classics. But if there are software synthesizers that could be called a classic already, I think Sylenth1 from Lennar Digital would be one of them. A short introduction to the synth Sylenth1 is on the market since and is a popular synth amongst EDM producers. For some time now a beta version of Sylenth1 v3 has been available for the public, but recently Lennar Digital released the official v3 version: GUI The default user interface of Sylenth1 v3 has been given a nice makeover keeping it certainly recognizable as good old Sylenth1 but with a new sharpness and more modern use of colors.

VIDEO: Master Class: LennarDigital Sylenth1

3 Construction Kits (MIDI & Presets Provided) • 39 Serum Presets • 17 Sylenth1 .. FL Studio • Sylenth1 , Spire and Massive • CamelPhat3. Lennar Digital Sylenth 1. 16 ratings. Lennar Digital 3% bought Vengeance- Sound VPS Avenger, € 2% bought Synapse Audio Dune 3, € Our most . Produced in collaboration with talented sound designer Dumitru Golban, we are proud to present the Sylenth1 Essential Collection Volume 3.

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