What has happened to Toontrack Superior drummer 3 for mac ??

Click to expand PopstarKiller said: The product itself is cracked, just not the mac version apparently. TW said: The editor, mixer and effects.
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Toontrack Superior Drummer 3 Virtual Drumkit

Lots of potential, but FixxxY, There is a lot of potential in Superior Drummer 3, Personally, it does not convince me for now, more on that later The user interface is admittedly very well done!

The presentation is reminiscent of EZ Drummmer 2, but offers much more options. The installation is very user-friendly thanks to Tooontrack Product Manager. All products can be downloaded, updated, authorized and extended with just a few clicks. In short, software technically there is absolutely nothing to complain about!

My disappointment applies solely to the sounds! Of course, this is a matter of taste, but if you look around a bit in the net you can see that it hails with every praise and the appropriate criticism, especially the friends of the harder gang come here definitely too short. Disappointing is that you can not find anything that pleases you or even goes in another direction at almost GB of samples and that goes as I said certainly not only me. Exactly speaking, the Core Library consists of just under 40GB of samples, the rest are identical samples recorded with other microphones, microphone positions, etc.

George Massenburg. It would have been better to include different sound engineers for the sake of sound diversity, but unfortunately everything sounds the same. The bass drums all have an extremely pappigen character, it seems as if exactly the frequencies are particularly present which one would normally lower first when mixing.

Sure, the sounds are raw, but you can also record RAW samples that sound fundamentally balanced, but this is not the case here. The snares are much more useful here, but here too, brilliancy is lacking and here too, this constantly poppy sound dominates. Toms are generally always a very difficult topic, in which case they are still the best, after all The biggest disappointment for me are the pelvis! I’ve never been a big fan of Toontrack’s drums, but the cymbals have always been top-notch, both in choice and in sound.

Of course, here too you can edit a lot with the help of the included plugins, the question is, does that have to be!? The only sound samples that convinced me were either extreme layering of samples or even mixed in third-party samples and that is what says a lot about this sound library.

I emphasize again, I see the whole thing from the perspective of a lover of tougher music! The samples may be in a POP production Convincing, but with Superior Drummer 2 the whole thing was much broader and the samples were usable across the board! I see hope in the expansion packs! The first released SDX “The Rock Foundry” has much better sounding drums, at least for my taste, so it’s definitely different and better!

A downer is that many users buy Superior Drummer 3 and know exactly that it is only there to use the extensions, in which case a different marketing policy would be quite desirable, for example the ability to buy the Superior Drummer 3 software without a Sound Library or just for a little more money standalone extensions that do not require the basic program as is the case for example with the EZ Keys product line. Unfortunately Toontrack is for years but only to maximize profit maximization with the least possible effort, so I doubt that there will change something.

On the whole, Toontrack can not please everyone and I can accept that, but it is a pity as I said there is a lot of potential in the SD3 software! I’m really excited about what the future holds!

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Metal Foundry SDX was recorded all the new Meshuggah drummer Tomas HAAK, seven kits drum massive, spanning , sound files of images of materials, drum hit single in the vein of Drumkit from hell and DFH Superior, covering metal Hard Rock the cantor blue tinged the late 60s with a piece of music today, from energy through massage, Death and Progressive Metal. Metal Foundry SDX celebrates heritage hard rock Toontrack music and heavy metal of the first Drumkit from hell, the company has built its following. Drumkit from hell and a metal foundry Toontrack music began initial production company to include movies and play music. In , manufacturers Thordendal Meshuggah Fredrik and Mattias Eklund Toontrack Music has decided to withdraw the library for their own use.

VIDEO: Toontrack Superior Drummer 3

What has happened to Toontrack Superior drummer 3 for mac?? . the basic library which is 50GB and can be easily got from torrent sites. Anyone have a download of the full version or a smilier version of superior drummer for Mac OS X?. My friend uses superior drummer, and it sounds amazing. I decided to get the torrent so I can just give it a try, because I cannot afford to.

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