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Vegas Movie Studio 16 Cheapest This software is ideal for novices who want to edit their movies but are unable to pay the huge price of the movie editing programs mentioned above. According to the developers, this program can work with files up to 4K. People often complain that they cannot access footage once they disconnect their camera. Files in other format do not pose this problem.
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Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial

Hello and welcome to VisiHow. This is a tutorial on Sony Vegas Pro on how to add a watermark to your videos. Steps 1 The two things you’ll need is for your video to have a watermark on it and the watermark itself. You want the file to be in a. This way, the file can be transparent on the back so it can be added over a video file without having to do a work.

Advertisement Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 2 First drag your video file down into your timeline. Was this step helpful? Yes No I need help 3 Then add a new video layer. Yes No I need help 4 You’ll see another video layer which will be on top of your video.

Yes No I need help 5 Here, drag your photo into the layer. Yes No I need help 6 Drag your photo the length of your video so it’s there for the entire video. Yes No I need help 7 Now, you need to move your watermark. Yes No I need help 10 There is a dotted ‘F’ in the center of the. Moving the frame to the right results in showing only ‘iHow’ on the Draft, which is the top window on the right. Yes No I need help 11 Moving the Frame to the left of the. Yes No I need help 12 We will center the Frame.

Yes No I need help 13 Press right click and select “Match the Output Aspect,” which is the second option from the bottom. Yes No I need help 14 This fits the full frame of your video. Yes No I need help 16 This example zooms out a lot to make the watermark smaller.

Yes No I need help 17 Move your cursor to the middle of the ‘F. Yes No I need help 19 We can make it less transparent and see what’s behind the logo but keeping the watermark. This is reflected in the Draft, which is the top window on the right.

This is usually a good point to see the watermark and the video behind it. Yes No I need help 21 The watermark does not have to be in the corner. It can be in the center with a low opacity. Yes No I need help 23 Lower the opacity bar on the movie panel to lessen the transparency of the watermark.

The watermark will be subtle, but viewers will know it’s from VisiHow or for whatever the company is you create the watermark. Comment on this video if you have any questions or comments about it. Check out my profile for more tutorials like this. Thank you for watching VisiHow. Yes No I need help Video: Add a Watermark to Your Video in Sony Vegas Pro If you have problems with any of the steps in this article, please ask a question for more help, or post in the comments section below.

Other editions:

Vegas Pro 8. Vegas was the second NLE that allowed users to put a variety of formats on the timeline and just edit them. Other NLEs would require the user to render or “conform” these down to a single format. Vegas Video 1. Vegas was the first NLE with “serious” audio tools, such as integrated 5.

VIDEO: Sony Vegas Pro 13

This Sony Vegas Pro Tutorial is a bundle which includes 11 courses with 77+ hours of video tutorials & lifetime access to learn multitrack video and audio editing. Create Stunning Videos and Learn Video Editing using Sony Vegas Pro Easily + More than Ready Templates included!. The Sony Vegas Pro 13 demo is available to all software users as a free download with potential restrictions compared with the full version.

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