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SmartFTP 7. Internet Cyclone 2. SmartFTP 9. SmartFTP Enterprise 9.
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SmartFTP Client 4.1.133 Serial Key [Expires 2018]

Development Status: EOL v4. June Remote Browser: Added auto refresh feature. To enable it: Tools – Settings. Then go to the General – Navigation dialog Browser: If a version prior build has been installed but no Quick Folders.

Passphrase for private key was not saved when using a credential provider other than the default Favorite Fix: Windows XP: Export was broken v4. June Settings: Added support for Windows Credential Store Settings: Removed import from 1. Favorites can still be manually imported though. June Favorites: Added support for KeePass credential store Ultimate Edition.

Deprecated custom Keep Alive Commands v4. June Change: Refactored Quick Folders and menu Change: This was especially slow with thousands of folders v4. May Fix: Transfer Queue: One and an uneven number of parts for Multipart transfers are now allowed.

Local Browser crash v4. File Encryption. Fixed error when new favorite is created. Fixed crash when a new connection is created. May Change: File Encryption: Deprecated file encryption methods and replaced them with a safer method. Certificates are now identified by their thumbprint instead of their Common Name. Refactored Favorites and Bookmarks menus Fix: Added missing icons.

Tracker Fix: Empty files were not created. Rename of favorite folder Fix: Scheduler was not thread safe Updated Chinese Traditional translation Editor: Updated Scintilla to 2. Added all supported code pages to code page selection v4. This is the last version with the old methods. They will be deprecated in the next build v4. April Fix: Synchronized Browsing. Tracker Editor: Improved brace matching Transfer: Added favorite setting to enable Multi Part transfers by default Fix: In some situations the focus in floating panes was not restored.

Tracker v4. March Fix: Remote Browser: Updated Russian, Italian, French, Hungarian translation. SafeSEH is now enabled and enforced. For the bit binary this was already the case. Windows 7 SP1: Microsoft’s Schannel hotfix broke TLS connections v4. The Ascii filter list from the default favorite was used instead of the one in the favorite Fix: Crash during startup when SmartFTP has been upgraded from version 2. February Fix: Copy URL of root folder Fix: Download To Rearranging toolbar buttons resulted in a crash at startup Fix: Inconsistency in Office themes v4.

February Added Visual Studio pane theme Fix: Sporadic runtime errors in Windows Explorer v4. Failed to create new favorite in Favorites window Terminal: User commands can now be manually ordered. January SFTP: Improved upload speed v4.

January Fix: Import of Favorites. January Scheduler: Built-in backup forgot to backup scheduler file v4. January Favorites: Added Auto to FTP: Passive IP Mode option Fix: Local Browser: Right-click context menu in tree v4. Browsing to shared favorite folders Settings: Favorites did not work Fix: January Text Editor: Added option to disable fly-by toolbar Scheduler: Queue Item Action: Added Guarantee serialized execution option. Favorites Properties: Use Default Settings option was available for the default favorite Fix: If compression was set to auto for uploads, compression was never used Fix: Custom commands: Restore defaults v4.

Added sort in view Other internal changes v4. Text Editor: Cursor position with auto indent Fix: Multi Upload: Drop of Favorites to Multi Upload Browser: Performance and memory improvements for shell browser File Exist Dialogs: SP3 is required v4. December SFTP: Added fallback if sftp subsystem is not enabled Fix: Syntax highlighting Transfer Queue:

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Softwares SmartFTP 9. It is specially designed for web developers as they upload and download the Media files, Documents or even an entire site. SmartFTP 9. It is a powerful app as compared to the other file transfer protocols.

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