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In the basic download this app requires 1. Start adding in the IAP sound expansions and you will need even more space! The good news is that this app is worth that space. The sounds are without question at the top of the list for quality! The app is pretty straightforward — high quality sounds, four part multi-timbral, four track sequencer, along with InterApp Audio and AudioBus!
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August 23, 6: With SampleTank 2, iOS users now have the power of desktop virtual instruments – without compromise – with a massive number of over 1, high-quality instruments and the most advanced sound and groove workstation for the mobile platform.

A world of sounds on your mobile device SampleTank 2 for iOS is a sample-based virtual instrument that allows users to have at their fingertips thousands of sounds from multiple categories of acoustic, electric and electronic instruments – all on their iPad or iPhone. To start, players can load up to 8 simultaneous parts from a selection of included instruments in 16 categories, including: These instruments can be played in a live setting or when composing with the device interface or an external keyboard or pads controller.

Over new pro-quality sounds Hundreds of new sounds are now available for in-app purchase in SampleTank 2 with six new “Pro-Instrument” packs comprising over new instruments that let users customize their sound set for any kind of compositional style or musical genre: All new sounds are in addition to the previously available content – the original factory sound set plus the orchestral Miroslav Philharmonik, Sonik Synth and SampleMoog Mobile Editions.

This brings the total universe of SampleTank 2 for iOS sounds to over 1, instruments and over 1, MIDI patterns – the largest collection of sounds available for any virtual instrument on the iOS platform. Redesigned interface for faster creation workflow The SampleTank 2 interface has been redesigned in many of its core operation components for a much faster music creation workflow.

Plus, the new design provides more advanced composition features right where they are needed most. The new Live interface, the new Browser and Song mode, the redesigned Pad interface and additional advanced MIDI features, have all been implemented to make SampleTank 2 the most powerful mobile sound workstation to date.

New instruments and patterns Browser Even though users can have well over a thousand sounds and patterns at their fingertips in SampleTank 2, the re-designed instrument browser makes it easy to find the right sound for the right application, taking full advantage of multi-touch gestures and providing an immediate visual reference of the instruments, thanks to new 3D images and icons. New Live interface In the new Live interface, SampleTank 2 becomes an extremely powerful real-time playing instrument where its 8 instrument slots can be used to create layers, splits, or multis easily and quickly thanks to the multi-touch device interface.

Additionally, loops and patterns can be loaded and used to create backing tracks and accompaniments at any time. All of these features operate the same way they would on an advanced hardware sound workstation, empowering mobile users to do what they would do on an instrument costing thousands of dollars – all from the convenience of their mobile device.

New Song mode interface For composers, the new Song mode includes helpful compositional tools like an integrated 8-track MIDI sequencer featuring an optimized interface for fast, intuitive recording. The sequencer also supports looped instruments to kick-start musical creativity in a snap. The new full song timeline with one-touch real-time rewind helps when laying down ideas easily and effortlessly during the recording process. New Pads interface For beat makers, the redesigned Pad interface with 4×4 launch pads lets them create grooves and beats with ease.

The new velocity and repeat sliders make complex beat programming a breeze for every skill level of beat maker and producer. MIDI learn lets users program their controllers with a fully intuitive step-by-step interactive process providing seamless integration with their existing hardware – no instruction manual needed! Plays well with iRig interfaces and controllers Although SampleTank 2 makes exceptional use of touch control-even for tight spaces like smartphones-users can expand beyond touch.

Additional SampleTank sounds are also unlocked when you register compatible IK hardware. Existing users will immediately benefit from the fully redesigned interface and new features for free.

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Song and Live mode Flexibility when and where you need it SampleTank for iOS has been redesigned to provide players and composers with environments specifically for playing live or composing. In Song mode, SampleTank gives you three views that provide a streamlined workflow for getting creative: Instrument Browser, Keyboard and Pads view. Instrument Browser interface In the main instrument browser view, you can quickly and easily find and load the sounds you need into the 8 available instrument parts. The browser has been completely redesigned and streamlined with everything you need right at your fingertips. Plus, you can save your favorite settings for easy recall with user presets.

VIDEO: Is SampleMoog in SampleTank any good? (Half off this weekend.)

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