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Image from Lightstock. This was my first time running graphics for one of our events. A few days before the event we had the rehearsal, and we had twelve songs scheduled. The rehearsal was running pretty late on a weeknight, so we stopped before running through the last two songs. I was pretty okay with that; I already knew one of them and could figure out the other in time. So I had every intention of running graphics for twelve songs.

I had all the backgrounds and fonts updated to match our current sermon series, and I was mentally prepared and felt pretty good. Does anyone else get really nervous running graphics? I got butterflies when I first started, but have gotten pretty confident on Sundays. But I had butterflies again this night. I felt good though, I knew most of the songs pretty well.

He starts singing something else. So the worshipers missed a couple slides but now they were on track, and I think it was a song most people probably knew anyway. Whew, I was in the clear. Not so fast. The band ended up doing about five or six extra songs on the fly. I got faster each time though. And then I remembered this quote I stumbled across once: It can actually be really helpful.

I know what to do in that situation now, and I can use that next time.

Propresenter Crack for Windows

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