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We can load two waveforms in A and B slots in the oscillator. When two are loaded, then there are five modes of transitioning from the A wave to the B wave that will give different sounds during the transition based on which mode is employed. For example, L Morph does this quoting the documentation: Rounding out the options are the possibilities for Ring, Frequency and Phase modulation, wave B being the modulator. Wave sets can be a collection of up to eight user defined waves.
predator synth

Rob Papen releases Predator 2

Unison detune amount, if Predator is in Unison2, Unison4 or Unsion6 mode. Arpgeggiator section: Arpeggiator patterns can be steps long. Swing amount. Slide amount for sliding steps. Velocity control knob which mixes between keyboard midi velocity input and the steps velocity settings. Tie modes normal and special which allows Slide, Tune, Velocity and Free settings inside a step if that step is set to Tie.

Toggle modes 1 and 2 which toggle between normal and special. Arpeggiator Latch which can be controlled by the midi sustain pedal. You can load, save, copy, paste and reset arpeggiator patterns, so you can reuse them in different presets. Advanced section: Adjustable Analogness setting to simulate the instability of vintage analogue synthesizers. Global Tuning.

Attack Shape. This changes the curvature of Predator’s envelopes attack stage. From exponential to linear to logarithmic. This Changes the curvature of Predator’s envelopes decay and release stages. Velocity Shape. Changes Predator’s velocity curvature.

Over-sampling mode: Strum timing for use with chord mode, with timing in ms or tempo synced. Audio input gain control PredatorFX only. Turn off the PredatorFX’s Amp envelope and so the sound plays without changing volume. PredatorFX only. All advance settings are saved within each individual preset.

External controller hardware fader-box or synth settings can be saved and restored. Parameter read-out field at lower right corner. Help function for most controls. Back panel with ‘user settings’ options. FX section: HQ effects blocks in serial mode. Available effects: Midi tempo based settings in most effects. Preset section: Uses sound banks composed of presets. All settings included the Advance panel settings are stored inside each preset.

Presets are stored in clear categories. Four ‘Preset variation’ buttons with amount control of the variation. Preset morphing with amount control to morph between two presets within the selected bank. Menu Predator.


Description Fun and incredibly easy to use. Predator is a “phat sounding” killer synthesizer that combines inspiring presets and first-class features to make this your ‘go-to’ synth for contemporary music production. The user interface has been designed so that almost all controls are visible on screen, making it fun and incredibly easy-to-use. And if you’re unsure about a particular synth function, simply right click your mouse to access the help screen. Included preset banks:

VIDEO: Rob Papen Predator 2 Updated With 350 New Presets & 20% Off Deal

The latest soft synth from Rob Papen is the successor to one of his established classics. Dave Gale powers up the mighty Predator 2. Press Release: Almost a decade ago, the original version of Rob Papen’s Predator virtual synth was released to widespread acclaim. Over the. The new Predator 2 Synthesizer update includes new professional presets and contains now nearly sounds in the factory library.

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