MU Origin 2—The Famous MMORPG Gets a New Look!

Get rewards from a mine, craft in a lobby, play exciting mini-games like Cops N Robbers. Create your own clan, build a personal fort and combat on different maps day and nite on your mobile device. This is a pocket edition for mobile devices. You can create and customize your character using a special skins maker and then show off on the battlefield!
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Pixel Gun 3D: Pocket Crafting & Building

I am writing this because I believe you are adding too much of what we don’t need. I love this game and all but there are main frustrating things in pixel gun. Why do you lose 30 trophies for losing a super super extremely close duel? Why do you lose trophies in general? You earn them for a reason. You just earn 20 trophies for winning and then you you lose 33 for losing another round.

Ok before I explain, holy crap. The cost to upgrade a weapon is literally as much as it was to purchase it!! And it’s like impossible to even earn gems without paying real money which I would have to constantly do to be as good as other players.

That leads to the next. There are these people with op weapons and armor that I cannot unlock yet. This makes me so maddd. Where did all the best maps go? Please bring them back. Wow so lucky, I got a whole 3 coins for waiting four hours, equivalent to winning a match that is 3 minutes long.

Yay so lucky. Maybe another way to get gems because I’m always out and I want to duel people for a chest. Mainly the upgrading weapons part gets on my nerves because it’s sooooooo muchhhhh moneyyyyy. I’m giving this review 5 stars because I know you can change and fix these things. Hope to talk again soon. Not sure what to think about the coins and gems ordeals as they are a bit costly when it all adds up but sometimes the special offers make up for it.. It feels good to earn so many and continue to collect but I feel like I been robbed for nearly trophies twice in the last 2 tournaments because of nothing..

If yes this game has everything in store and out of store, sometimes there will be the one person in my lobby that will steal kills but this game has to have more love I see they are trying new advertising styles and I think that will draw more attention but if the no lobby games keep happening then I might as well shuffle me and my try hard self to sandbox If this report helped you please consider installing this app.

This is not auto generated actually typing this. If you have read this far I want to say thanks for sticking around and have a great day!

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It tests your survival skills, as well as your creativity. You can easily customize your character and the cubic world any way you want. Once ready, you can go on a multi-player mission or play the single-player survival mode. In both cases, the fight will be intense and bloody. Your end goal is to build a perfect cube world that can keep you safe. You also have the opportunity to explore deep worlds filled with magic.

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Pixel Gun 3D – crazy pro sniping video #pixelgun #pixelgunpro #pixelgun3d # pg3d. Open. Læs mere. Læs mere Pixel Gun 3D APK FREE Download – Android Apps APK Download. JADEN Zuker .. Mobile Games · Pixel Gun 3D – Smart. Catch up on the latest and greatest Pixel Gun 3D videos on Twitch. Sign up or login to join the Pixel Gun 3D(Mobile)!! New Streamer Day 20! Let’s Get To . Download Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and at least then we’ll have a true number of what’s been earned compared to what.

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