How To Resize Your Windows 8 Partition

Here we will talk about doing the same thing but on a machine running Windows 8. Due to the Disk Management feature which is integrated and available in the Windows 8 or 8. These easy to use tools make the process more accessible, and users can avoid rebooting and reinstalling their operating systems altogether.
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Removing a drive partition in windows 8.1

Shrink volume windows 8 means to decrease the size of one or more of the volumes in Microsoft Windows 8 operating system. Volumes are disks what we usually see in My Computer, such as C: They are also called partitions. Therefore, we can also say shrink partition windows 8.

How to Shrink Volume Windows 8? There are all three methods for us to shrink disk windows 8. In the following, they will be displayed one by one.

Choose one way which suits you most. Open CMD. Here, volume 2 is selected. Open Disk Management. In the pop up Computer Management window, select Disk Management in the left menu. Step 2. In the next screen, enter a size to shrink out from source partition. Put mouse on either side of the partition slider and pull it rightwards or leftwards to shrink volume windows 8. Or, just enter numbers into the below box. If you want the generated unallocated space locating to the left of source partition, you need to pull slider rightwards or put number in Unallocated space before box; if you want the generated unallocated space locating to the right of source partition, you need to pull slider leftwards or put number in Unallocated space after box.

Preview the new space allocation. For example, when shrink system C volume. If there is only one partition on the hard drive where system is installed on, or you just want to shrink system partition, you can try one or all ways below first, then shrink C drive.

Restart computer and shrink c drive again. How to solve this, follow the progress: Then, restart machine, delete c: Restart computer and do shrink again. In the pop up window, select Tool tab to defrag c partition.

Restart and try to shrink c partition. Therefore, you are suggested to first check the disk for possible error. Run CMD as administrator. Restart the computer and try to shrink system drive again. Or, check disk by disk properties tools.

Remember to re-enable and recover all the above settings you have done to your computer after successfully shrinking system c partition. Conclusion If you shrink volume windows 8 using DM and encounter above problem, you can try one or several solutions above first and try again.


Learn how to reinstall or restore an HP computer with Windows 8 to an earlier state. Also, learn how to perform a system recovery using HP Recovery Manager. In Windows 8, the instructions for resetting a desktop computer to its original state differ from the steps for resetting a notebook computer to its original state. These instructions also differ based on when the computer was manufactured. Make sure you use the instructions for your computer.

VIDEO: How To Extend System Partition In Windows 10/8.1

Shrink Volume in Microsoft Windows 8/ with CMD, Disk Management or AOMEI Partition Assistant to get some free space for other purposes, like extend. 1 – Installing Windows 7 may void your warrantee. Call the PC manufacture and ask!!! 2 – Installing Windows 7 may render your Windows 8 “Recovery Partition”. If you want to create partition in your brand new Windows 8 PC, then follow this article. To create a new partition, you must need to have some.

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