EA posts finished Origin for Mac, widens gamers’ worlds

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Tuesday, August 25th, remove Potentially unwanted program Origin, which was formally called EA Download Manager, is an online gaming, digital distribution and digital rights management platform. EA Electronic Arts uses Origin as a game channel, on which users get access to purchase and launch its games. Sims 4 is currently one of their most popular games. The application also has social features like networking with friends with chat, profile management and direct game joining along with an in-game overlay, streaming via TwitchTV and sharing of game library and community.

People found troubles when they tried to remove Origin, though the application is quite small. It automatically runs during every Windows start-up, displaying ads for their products. If you have done playing those games and simply want it gone, you can refer to the following content for removal. But you should note that after you remove Origin, you will lose accessibility and playability to any downloaded games and manuals of Original until you reinstall it.

Delete the application You might be surprised to learn that most of Mac applications can be removed by unceremoniously dragging them to the Trash, when they are not running at the time. Occasionally however, several additional steps are required to make sure that preferences files and other unwanted items are cleaned out on your computer completely. Some Mac applications, such as iTunes and iPhoto, are packaged into application bundles or packages, which are displayed as a single icon but may in fact contain multiple subfolders, preferences and resource files e.

Images and other content the application needs. Then perform the following steps: To make sure the removal goes smoothly, quit the Origin application if it is currently running. As a precaution, see whether the application is active by using Activity Monitor. At the top of Activity Monitor, change the filter to All Processes. The full list of running applications and processes are shown.

Search the Process Name column for Origin. If it is there, highlight the name, then hit the Quit Process button. Open the folder where Origin resides — usually it is in your Application folder. Before that, you can drag it out back to where it was. Now you can restart your Mac. This step might be necessary in some cases sot that the system can recognize that the has been properly removed.

Now you get to remove its remaining files, which might be left behind. It is advisable for a great performance of your Mac. Refer to the next part to do so. Part Two: Remove Origin vestiges. This is what most users would forget to do. The remained additional files on your hard drive are taking your precious system resources, while they are not doing anything useful. However, if you are planning to reinstall the application, you can keep them.

Delete the Preferences. Applications store their preferences in a file with a. Though these files are very small, you need to find the right ones to delete in case of any serious problems. Search for the name of Origin in two locations below: Delete the Support Files. This kind of files are usually larger than preferences files, especially for multimedia applications. Therefore, you are advised to find and delete those files.

Also search for the name of Origin in two locations below: If you are not quite familiar with Mac OS X, you may appreciate an approach to remove Origin and other apps you want to uninstall. It will just take you, like one minute, to finish the job within only three steps: Download, install and launch MacRemover.

In the list of installed applications, select Origin as your target and hit Run Analysis on the left. It displays the files to be removed with their names, sizes and locations followed. Click on Complete Uninstall on the left to proceed with the removal.

If you are prompted with the confirmation, click on Yes to completely remove Origin. Additional Optimization Tips Desktop Cleaning: Less Startup Items: You are highly suggested checking and cleaning them up periodically. Find them at:

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Mac Pro in , iPhone news and rumors, Swift Playgrounds: Macworld Podcast On Tuesday, Electronic Arts EA , one of the biggest games publishers in the world, revealed that its Origin game service is coming to the Mac next year. The announcement reveals just how much importance EA puts in digital distribution for the future, and it gives the Mac community another gaming venue. Origin initially launched to some mixed reviews, but EA has since revised its privacy agreements and seen adoption of the platform skyrocket due to wisely tethering some of its marquee games to the service. Battlefield 3 and the download version The Old Republic, for example, are Origin exclusives.

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Today I’m proud to announce the official launch of Origin for Mac. Our vision with Origin is to connect your gaming universe online, and today we’re taking a. Browse Origin’s collection of PC and Mac games. Find the best deals on the latest RPGs, shooters, Sims games & more. Download Origin Access Electronic Arts video games from this platform. Origin is a digital shopping and downloading platform from Electronic Arts.

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