Accidentally Deleted Recovery Partition? 3 Solutions Are Here!

How to back up Windows using Eassos System Restore? This software comes pre-installed in the factory state. Lenovo OneKey Recovery is a system recovery application that is used to create a full system backup and restore that system, which can be done with one click. In order to use the features of this recovery system, Lenovo hard drives include a hidden partition in the factory state that is used to store the system image file as well as the OneKey Recovery program files.
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The best Lenovo OneKey Recovery alternative – Eassos System Restore

Download and installation took no time at all. Considering that this product is free, the developers have kindly left out annoying third party advertisements. We select OneKey System Backup. In the next page, it provides two options — to backup the system to AOMEI partition recovery or to another location.

The latter option is only available on the pro versions and up unfortunately. We advise that for those users with the paid versions, you can also select the Backup Options and amend the compression level other than Normal and enable encryption for the backups. Now we select which partition we want to apply the factory recovery partition and click Next. Now, back to the configuration! On the Preview and Confirm page, we are prompted that a new factory partition will be created that contains our system backup.

The application clearly shows a before and after snapshot once the process is complete. The backup can take some time so perhaps go perform something you have been putting off… like playing that new adventure game! Once the recovery partition is created, we click Finish and are back to the homepage. More options have appeared in the cog wheel. Now the options that appear in the Settings dialog box is dependent on the type of system you have.

That is really helpful! This operating system does not support pressing the A key on startup. You need to select from a menu item instead similar to below. Therefore, the Setting options you are presented with are similar to the image below.

Well this was certainly easy to setup! In terms of the recovery component, we tested this out and are pleased that our computer system was restored to that last check point without a problem. This is certainly beneficial if you are a little unsure of yourself when it comes to computers! Should I upgrade? OneKey Recovery is available free of charge for all users!

The standard set of features in the free version is more than enough for a stand alone computer user who needs a simple recovery partition setup. Although if you decide to upgrade to the other paid versions — Professional, Family, Technician and Customization — many more fantastic features are unlocked.

For example, you can store the system backup image to another location instead of just the main disc if you are low in hard drive space, kudos! Final Thoughts OneKey Recovery is an excellent and handy tool for all computer users. Its non-complex interface and succint step by step process is ideal and ensures that you set up your factory partition without a problem!


The program is extremely user-friendly and hence easy to use. The interface is simple, with no unnecessary buttons or settings. Just like the program itself, the installation is also hassle-free. This 18 MB software gets downloaded as well as installed within no time. The creators of OneKey Recovery freeware have taken care to avoid pushing third-party offers.

VIDEO: AOMEI OneKey Recovery: Create Factory Recovery Partition for Windows PC

As Lenovo one key recovery alternative, AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a powerful Cover all features of Professional Edition and ideal for enterprise users. AOMEI OneKey Recovery is designed to create a factory restore partition, make a factory backup image and one key backup and recovery system. You can. AOMEI Onekey Recovery Pro is easy-to-use backup and restore software for Windows PC system by making a factory recovery partition.

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