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PT Current Job Listings Microsoft has given its venerable Office suite a major revamping and the new version — now in beta testing and due out next year — packs a number of new and enhanced features that should be of interest to IT pros and knowledge workers. This is true for both major flavors of the new Office — the conventional Office editions, licensed perpetually for a single device, and the subscription-based Office editions, which are delivered and updated via the cloud, and can be installed on up to 5 Windows or Apple OS X computers per user license. This article will focus on Office and Office editions such as Office Professional and Office ProPlus that are made up of end-user productivity applications, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, and exclude those that include server products, such as Office Enterprise, which comes also with the online versions of the Exchange, Lync and SharePoint servers. Sign up for CIO newsletters.
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Upgrade from Office 2013 to Office 365

Office 95 7. Works only on Windows 95 as well as Windows NT 3. This is the first Office version to have the same version number 7. November 19, Office 97 8. June 20, Office 97 Powered by Word 98 8. First version to contain Outlook 98 in all editions and Publisher 98 in the Small Business Edition, as well as the first version of Office 97 to support Windows 98 Second Edition.

June 7, Office 9. Office is also the last version not to include Product Activation and not covered by Office Genuine Advantage , although on individual installs, the Office Update website still required the presence of original install media for updates to install.

May 31, Office XP Improved support for working in user accounts without administrative privileges on Windows and Windows XP. October 21, Office Last version to support Windows Last version to have legacy menus. OneNote is introduced in this version. January 30, Office First version to run on Windows 8 , Windows 8.

First version to use the new Ribbon user interface with tabbed menus. First version to have Calibri as the default font across all applications. June 15, [6] Office Version September 22, Office

Office 2013 and Earlier Versions of Office

Office Next blog is here to answer all your burning questions about the future of spreadsheets It’s been about three years since Microsoft unveiled a new version of Office, and particularly with Windows 8 just months away from dropping, the software has been well overdue for an upgrade. Today, Redmond unveiled the latest edition — Office aka Office 15 — which the company will be showing in a preview stage until the final version goes on sale hit up the source link if you want to download it for yourself. Perhaps the biggest news isn’t any single feature Microsoft’s added to Word hello, easy YouTube embeds! With this version, the company is moving to a subscription-based model wherein your Office files are tied to your Microsoft ID. Once you sign up, you can download the various desktop apps to a certain number of devices and, as with Windows 8, your settings, SkyDrive files and even the place where you left off in a document will follow you from device to device. It’s telling, we think, that files now save to the cloud by default.

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If you are wondering which edition to choose in Microsoft Office , this article will describe the major differences between Microsoft Office. Microsoft has clarified the licensing for retail versions of its Office productivity suite, confirming that boxed editions of the software are. Here are the versions that work on Windows 10 and the differences between them. According to the Windows Compatibility Center, Office , Office , .

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