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Somehow an error has crept into the program during one of the free build updates and has broken the method I I also go over the basics of all the other Video Sizes and Frame Rates that this camera can record at. GoPro HD Hero
movie studio platinum free

Sony Movie Studio Platinum Free Download

Shareware Free download but time limited software. Former known as Screenblast Movie Studio. Your evolved and easy-to-use video editing kit is waiting for you! Arrange your clips, add music and a title, then finish and deliver, all in a guided workflow – always with the option to take full control in your timeline. Or switch to Power User mode for complete access to all of your tools.

Quickly move between any modes for fast, efficient video creation. Lay out, trim, and rearrange your clips in the storyboard, and watch as the additions and changes you make are updated on the Main Timeline automatically. A great way for rough cutting and fast edits. Now, every edit you make is saved automatically, so you never lose work if something goes wrong.

Hover scrub Hover scrub Scrub through your video thumbnails right down to exact frames, and find the important parts of your video before you add it to the project. Simply move the cursor over the thumbnail to find any frame. You can still re-trim to the full length of the media file on the timeline. Resizable thumbnails You can now resize thumbnails to see more detail and hover scrub to exact frames more easily.

A larger thumbnail means you can scrub and pinpoint specific frames more precisely to accurately mark in and out points. Preview multiple selected files Preview multiple selected files Select multiple clips in Project Media and preview each in sequence with a single play. Enjoy the extra protection of confirming that you want to cancel. No more manual keyframing of your masks — isolate, follow, and apply FX to moving objects in any scene, with keyframes generated automatically, in seconds.

Take your FX to the pro level! World-class video stabilization World-class video stabilization A simple and powerful way to rescue shaky video Does your video have a case of the shakes? No problem. The new video stabilization engine in VEGAS Movie Studio 16 quickly stabilizes wobbly footage and gives you smooth, professional video with just a click. Easy and powerful — salvage footage you thought was unusable. Now possible with this professional video editing feature!

Follow objects with powerful motion tracking, and pin other objects or text to move right along with them. Make immersive, interactive video environments quickly and efficiently. Auto save and backup Auto save and backup Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with regular, automatic backups of your work. Choose your interval, save in your project folder or any other location, and then return and open your previous backups at any time.

Not only that, you can change the display value to instantly adjust the length of the event with frame accuracy. No more dragging ends or counting frames. This button tells you when the media in a timeline event has FX added, and lets you access and edit the Media FX directly from the timeline — even if multiple events use the same media.

Add FX to the media, to apply the FX to every timeline event that uses that media. Temporarily ignore event grouping Temporarily ignore event grouping Sometimes the perfect edit means moving a group of events all at once.

But sometimes you need to move only one or two and leave the others. Now you can temporarily ignore event grouping instantly to make your edit, while the events stay permanently grouped. No need to hunt for the clip: NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate NewBlue Transitions 5 Ultimate Choose from a huge array of great pro-level animated transitions to give your videos a funky, slick, or hip vibe.

Add more punch and visual excitement to your work with only a few clicks.

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It has an astonishing interface, whose all the visual elements have been exactly arranged for the best usability possible. However, this program may still be somewhat difficult to use, especially for beginners. Movie Studio Platinum is way beyond most video editors intended for general users. It even has some features that are only available from very expensive applications.

VIDEO: Buy VEGAS Movie Studio 16 Platinum Steam Edition

Vegas Movie Studio Platinum, free and safe download. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum latest version. Add finesse. Add effects. Add a soundtrack and a title. But most importantly, add you. Show your best side with Movie Studio Platinum. Beginners Guide for Sony Movie Studio Platinum 13 (How to Use).

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