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Odesi by Mixed In Key. Anyone else try it out? January 09, , It does however look like it’s highly limiting if you’re planning to rely on it as your primary source for creating chord progressions. The reason why is because a I-IV-V chord can be played in many different inversions and while this doesn’t necessarily change the roman numerals it DOES change the sound and the voice leading.
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When I work on my production and remixes, I sometimes get lost and discouraged trying to create new ideas. I was tired of spending countless hours on projects only to abandon ship in the middle of the track. It was frustrating…until I discovered Odesi. Getting Started Start immediately!

For example, some people like to create a beat, bass line or melody first. I personally like to lay down the chord progression first. Whichever way you choose to begin, just dive right in. There are tons of sounds already loaded in Odesi, as well as the ability to use third party plugins. Odesi automatically adds a chord progression to the first 4 bars of your song.

It allows you to hear the playback of the chords that were just inserted for quick, easy review. The chord progression is in Roman numeral notation and the actual chord name is at the top inside the measure. From there just play the track with the spacebar or the transport control on the top left of the screen. Change the song key at the top of the screen and immediately get a different feeling from the same progression you have already inserted.

What I loved most about this feature is that the more I played around with it, the more I found myself organically creating ideas and accidently learning about music theory. Rhythmic Pattern This box lets you select the way in which the chords are played and automatically change into a new chord progression. Just click on a roman numeral preset to search for a progression that suits your mood. After you have your chord progression, you can add a melody automatically and make edits from there.

Magic Record A wonderful new feature in Odesi is the magic record. It allows you to play a melody with your computer keyboard or a real keyboard and then print it out if you like it, or just keep going. As a DJ and producer, the more unique edits I have at my fingertips, the better I can craft my sound. Remixing a track if you have the acapella is easy with Odesi.

If you are only using Odesi, the sounds are still quite nice that they give you. Odesi stores your projects in the cloud. If I leave my laptop at home, I can open Odesi on any web browser and continue working on my project.

Tutorials galore! YouTube videos built into the application are there to answer any questions you have. Overall Grade: A Odesi has helped my production workflow immensely. I would recommend Odesi to anyone just beginning to work on original production or anyone that needs some help finding inspiration.

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I made my own by clicking on Create New Project and got it on. In Use You can use Odesi either as a desktop app currently Mac only, PC forthcoming , or even using just your browser. Shown here is the projects screen that has all your Odesi files. This is all pretty standard stuff, but what sets Odesi apart from everything else out there right now can be found to the right of the screen: There are four tracks by default, and you can add and remove as needed. You can click on Lock, which prevents changes to be made to a track, Hide to make the notes within a track disappear, and Solo to hear the track by itself. A scale is a group of musical notes.


How-To Guide. Odesi is designed to be the first step of your musical journey. BPM Supreme’s in-house expert, Raj Thomas, recently took Odesi for a This music composition software is from the makers of Mixed In Key. Download apps by Mixed In Key, including Mixed In Key 8, Mixed In Key Mashup, and Odesi – Smart Music Production.

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