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Less You can install Office from a disc or by downloading it. Because of potential backward compatibility issues the default installed version is bit. However, if the bit version is a better choice, follow the bit installation procedure in this article. For more information about the bit version, see Choose the bit or bit version of Office. If you want to do a custom install or uninstall where you select only some apps, see the section below Install or remove individual Office programs or components.
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Microsoft Office 2010

Using sensenet ECM you are able to create, modify or delete documents within Office. Editing and publishing documents into a workspace is as easy as managing tasks or links as well. There’s no need to learn how to upload documents or other files into sensenet workspaces manually, it’s done automatically while you’re using Office.

This feature is fully compatible with Microsoft Office , and The following information is only valid for these versions of these two programs. Please note that Office support has been introduced in sensenet ECM 6. Configuration Authentication sensenet ECM supports the following authentication schemes with Office integration: Make sure your AD user is present in the Content Repository under the appropriate domain.

You will be able to access your fodlers and files in the Content Repository using your AD user and password. You will be able to access the Content Repository using your portal user and password. Please note that support for Basic authentication has been introduced in sensenet ECM 6. Configuring Server Certificates Trusted sites Office may not allow you to open documents from sites that are not in the list of Trusted Sites.

To set up your site as a trusted site open Internet Explorer then go to Internet Options. On the Security tab select Trusted sites then click Sites. In the following window add your site’s url to the list. Permission settings Only users with sufficient permissions are allowed to use Office protocol functionality.

Add See and Open permissions to users in order that they can access document management functionality from Microsoft Office see WebRoot Folder for details and examples! Also, sufficient permissions have to be granted to users on Content Repository Workspaces and Documents for them to be able to access and open documents, and to Applications for them to be able to invoke certain Office document management functionality via actions.

WebPages component or the full sensenet ECM 6. You can open a document from portal by clicking on the Edit in Microsoft Office action from the action list.

The Edit in Microsoft Office action appears only for File types of specific extensions. It works in Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome. If you have Microsoft Office , you can use this action only in Internet Explorer. Opening a file by double-clicking it in a mapped network drive in Windows Explorer opens it automatically in Office the same way as you would open it from the UI. How to open a document from Word First, open your Word instance, then click on the Office button and select Open Type the url of the document server you want to work in into the File name text box on the bottom then press enter.

Now you should see a custom open sensenet ECM workspace dialog like below: You can always use the Favorites folder on the left side of the navigation bar to store the location of the server simply by right clicking Favorites and selecting Add current location to Favorites – to avoid typing the url of the sensenet server all the time when opening a document from Word.

Navigate to the desired document, then click Open you can navigate to any content using the well-known Windows Explorer navigation Document Workspaces tab contains shortcuts to all document workspaces in the Content Repository. By clicking on them the window will be navigated to the selected workspace where documents can be found under the DocumentLibrary folder. In case you have created a new document and want to upload it to an existing sensenet ECM Workspace, or you want to publish an existing document to a different sensenet Workspace Document Library, you can publish the document right from Word: In the Save as dialog type the url of the document server into the File name text box then press enter.

You can use the Save as dialog similarly as the Open dialog: This option however is only available when selecting Save As, and is not present with the Publish feature.

Creating a new Document Workspace in Microsoft Office You can also create a new workspace for your document with Microsoft Office The Document Management pane will appear. Choose a name for the workspace then type the url of the document server into the Location for new workspace text box.

Click Create to finish creating a new workspace. The Location given is treated as site relative, so entering myworkspace and http: You may as well give absolute url’s: Managing workspace content in Microsoft Office After you open a document from a workspace the Document Management pane will appear.

You can make the Document Management pane always visible by clicking Options The Document Management pane is only capable of displaying a single document library, a single task list and a single link list only.

The Document Management pane only works for documents opened from the Document Libraries of Workspaces – but not for documents under a Site, Trash Bin or a Document Library defined outside of a Workspace, even though the document source control features see later will work for all documents in the Content Repository regardless of their locations. List of available members associated to the Workspace.

List of available tasks in the Workspace. List of available files and folders in the Workspace. List of available links in the Workspace. Members You can not manage members directly from Word but you can still see who is available and who is online in MSN. Members are defined by explicit permission settings on the workspace content.

This means that you can add new members by adding permissions to users on the workspace add them explicitely if you want them to be displayed on the members tab even if they are already contained in any of the groups having permissions on the workspace.

Tasks Tasks are also important content of a workspace. You have full control on managing tasks in the current workspace within Office. You can set a task completed by clicking the checkbox next to it’s title.

An empty check box means that it’s state is Pending. A checked task refers to a Completed task. In any other cases, you’ll see a filled checkbox. Depending on the status of the task an icon is placed next to the checkbox to visualize it’s state. In the following table you can find the proper mappings between the fields of Task Content Type and Office’s properties: SN Task Field.

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