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JitBit HelpDesk is a web-based software that acts as a customer support solution tool for small to medium businesses and companies. It is an affordable alternative to expensive customer support platforms. JitBit HelpDesk offers all the key features of a support platform and ticketing system at an unbeatable price.
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Full JitBit HelpDesk Customer Support Software Review – All You Need to Know About JitBit HelpDesk

JitBit HelpDesk is a web-based software that acts as a customer support solution tool for small to medium businesses and companies. It is an affordable alternative to expensive customer support platforms. JitBit HelpDesk offers all the key features of a support platform and ticketing system at an unbeatable price. Some businesses hesitate to pay for a ticketing system, despite its important role in providing good customer service and support.

Most small to medium companies find the current rates of other ticketing software too expensive and out of their budget. JitBit HelpDesk offers one of the most affordable ticketing systems and customer support platforms available. Despite the affordable pricing, JitBit does not sacrifice the quality and effectiveness of their system. JitBit helpdesk does everything expected of it and a little extra.

It automatically converts emails to tickets, categorizes and groups these tickets, sends tickets to the correct people within your team, and a lot more. On top of it all, JitBit does all these at an attractive price. These users claim JitBit has helped their companies resolve their long-standing customer support issues such as unanswered concerns, untimely responses, and mismanagement of their support team.

It helps companies build their customer following by following through on their promise of impeccable customer support services. Customer service and product support is arguably the most important sector of any business or company. JitBit HelpDesk aims to help you achieve the former and save you from the latter. JitBIt HelpDesk is ideal for businesses of all kinds and in all industries. It can be used by companies in the food industry, technology, service, marketing, sales, etc.

It provides you with all the right tools that a dedicated support team needs to provide notable and top-notch customer service that rivals those of top companies. It makes excellent customer service a possibility for any business regardless of size or nature. The most attractive feature of JitBit is its affordable price. It does everything you need at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. You can now focus on making money and marketing your company while your customer support team handles all issues with ease using the right set of tools.

Flawless Integration A common worry of business owners new to using customer support platforms is the integration of the software into their daily business routine. Many business owners worry that it may hinder established operations and processes. It has the function to integrate into your website and also has an email integration option.

You do not have to worry about incorporating JitBit HelpDesk into your business process because it is very easy and straightforward to do so. Free Evaluation JitBit HelpDesk is confident enough in their customer support platform to provide access to a free evaluation edition which you can test as much as you want, for as long you need.

Other customer support platforms only offer days free trial of their software, and it is often not enough time to get a full grasp on it. JitBit lets you test a free evaluation version for an unlimited amount of time so that you can decide to purchase the software with no reservations. Unlimited Seats It can be a drag to constantly upgrade to software and support platforms which can better handle your needs as your business grows. It is a common occurrence to outgrow the software you use and must switch to a different one.

JitBit HelpDesk offers their support platform with a package that offers unlimited access and no restrictions. JitBit charges one time for a specific package with an option for an unlimited number of agents.

This allows the software to grow alongside your business without any limitations. They also have the option to have an unlimited number of servers which is useful for businesses and companies planning to expand. Their system makes it a breeze for customer support agents to use even without previous experience using any kind of support platform or tools. It has a very straightforward installation process and is perfect for companies with little knowledge of tech.

Always Reliable Having your support platform fail could be one of the worst scenarios to happen to a customer service and support team. You lose revenue and get dissatisfied customers when your system is down.

You also lose a lot of time and resources during downtime which can be very damaging to your business. JitBit Helpdesk runs on the most reliable and advanced technical platform: You can relax knowing that you are in good hands, with a very minimal chance for system crashes. Accessible Anywhere Accessibility is a very important factor when choosing a customer support platform because of the nature of customer support.

JitBit HelpDesk is a web-based software which means you can access JitBit wherever you are and whenever you need to. This feature helps you keep your support services up and running all the time.

Tasks that normally take hours to do are only done in minutes. Using JitBit also helps you maximize your resource use by letting you assign other tasks to your team. You can effectively cut down on manpower or reassign them elsewhere. The main features of JitBit HelpDesk are: File Attachments JitBit HelpDesk has the capability of carrying files and attachments within their platform.

You can send messages and responses containing different documents such as PDFs, images, screenshots, and other files. This is an important feature because it can be a hassle to only communicate through in-text messages across a support platform.

Sometimes the need to discuss solutions or raise problems using other forms of documentation. It is important to have this feature when the situation calls for it.

It has knowledge-based tools that compile your data for better and more coherent interpretation. You can create reports from the different data you gather from your customers and from the tickets they send in. You can assign tasks and tickets to the most capable members of your team for each task. With JitBit, you can easily assign tickets and manage them all the way until their completion. Security JitBit HelpDesk is one of the most secure customer support platforms available.

JitBit also lets you customize security permissions of your team members and employees. You can manage interbranch security by assigning technicians to a specific area without allowing access to another branch. Flexibility JitBit HelpDesk is flexible and customizable to your needs. You can integrate into the different platforms of your business from websites to email, and even Windows. You can also set up Windows-integrated authentication for further security. Source Codes There are available C sources codes which developers can use to further improve their website and business integration.

These codes are useful for modifying, altering, and editing to help JitBit HelpDesk to work for your business as best as possible. These languages include: This gives you the freedom to build your team of customer support professionals from around the world. Very few customer support software has as many languages supported.

JitBit also offers free updates for a whole year on all their packages and discounted prices on updates after that. Their packages are priced as one-time payments rather than on a subscription basis. They also have a free evaluation trial for an unlimited number of time so that you can try the software out before you decide to buy it. Here are the packages JitBit HelpDesk offers 3 packages:

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