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If they need an update, then Iobit Driver Booster 6 can obtain the correct driver form their database online and install it effortlessly. Iobit Driver Booster 6 with its new attractive interface. It can support more than 1,, drivers.
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Generally the drivers are provided by the hardware manufacturers, or Windows will download and install a default driver for you. Just like any other software, you need to update your drivers as the updates become available. More often that not, the driver updates contain new features, performance upgrades, and security fixes.

However, regularly checking and updating drivers manually can be a tedious task. To make things easier, you can use software like iObit Driver Booster that lets you update all your drivers with just a single click. So even if you are using an unpopular or older hardware device, you will most probably find the target driver using iObit Driver Booster.

Besides downloading new hardware drivers, IObit Driver Booster can scan, download, and install outdated, missing, and faulty drivers. Moreover, if you face any problems with the newly installed drivers, you can easily roll back with just a click or two.

Secure Driver Updating: While updating your device drivers, iObit automatically creates a system restore point and even backs up the old drivers. This enables you to roll back if the new driver is causing issues or if it is incompatible with your system. In case of display drivers, iObit Driver Booster tries to detect and automatically fix the display resolution problems. If you want to, you can backup all your currently installed drivers with a single click.

This feature is especially helpful when you are considering reinstalling your Windows operating system. However, this feature is only available in the PRO version. While installing, iObit tries to install additional software. As soon as the software has been installed, it will automatically scan your system for outdated and missing drivers.

Once the scan is completed, iObit will display the list of all the out-of-date drivers. The above action will display necessary basic details like current and available driver versions, devices using the drivers, etc.

When you click on the Update button, iObit may display a warning message. If needed, you have to restart your system to make the changes take effect. You can easily restore the driver so that IObit can update it. This action will restore the driver, and you can update it from the main window. Every change you made to the drivers using iObit Driver Booster is logged.

This action will open a text file with all the changes made to your drivers. When you face common problems like sound errors, bad resolution, network failure, etc. To open the toolbox, click on the Toolbox icon appearing on the upper-right side of the window.

This action will show all the available tools. Just click on the fix you want to apply and follow the wizard. One thing to keep in mind while using these tools to fix common problems is that you should only use them when you are actually facing the said problems.

Conclusion Updating drivers in Windows is always a troublesome task because there is no easy way to know when the driver updates are available.

Even when you know, there is no central place to update the drivers. However, iObit makes updating drivers easy with its huge device driver catalog and by providing a central place to install the drivers. That being said, iObit Driver Booster is in no way a complex software. In fact, you can update all out-of-date drivers with a single click. Moreover, the software automatically creates a restore point whenever it is updating a driver.

Using the Ignore feature, you can avoid unnecessary driver updates. Do give the software a try and see if it fits your needs. After all, the basic version is free.

Update all the obsolete drivers on your PC

Quick and safe driver update Fix hardware errors Keep device drivers and game components up-to-date Increase system compatibility and stability Improved tools to fix audio crackling, no network issues, bad resolution and device errors With just one-click, Driver Booster 6 Free can keep your outdated, faulty or missing drivers and game components easily and correctly updated. It supports the automatic installation of drivers and components while your PC is idle. Its advanced compression technology, break-point resume technology, automatic retry mechanism, and SSL Protocol can promise you much faster, smoother and safer driver download and installation. It boasts a number of new and important changes since its last update, making it even better to improve PC performance.

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When you want a third-party tool to update all of the drivers on your PC, IObit driver booster may be one of the options on your mind. But, How is it? Should you . Download IObit Driver Booster PRO ( MB) now. Fast and easy at Driver Booster is one of the most popular driver update tools worldwide. It helps users to detect all outdated/faulty/missing drivers and game.

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