Microsoft releases Mouse and Keyboard Center 2.0, replacing IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro

For Mac release information, see the Microsoft Keyboard Help and Readme files included with your software. The information in this article may be updated at any time. For more information: New features: With IntelliType Pro 8.
intellitype 8 2

Microsoft intellipoint driver (64-bit) free download and software.

Hi I’m new here Ok i got my new Sidewinder X6 keyboard, but have a stupid question. The keyboard’s numpad is removable and i would like to use it instead of the w,a,s,d buttons.

All the numpad buttons is macro buttons as well, thus i want to use the 8 button instead of the w, but if i convert it and run any game the 8 doesn’t let me walk forward but only act if i’m pressing w once. I have tried setting the game’s options to use Numpad 8 to move forward etc, but when you go in macro mode the whole numpad switch to macro keys thus i cant use them that way. Any suggestion?

Help with Microsoft Sidewinder X6 macros Hey Vercogen, I’ve got the Microsoft X6 sidewinder too. Unfortunately I don’t even use the software for the keyboard as I find its broken and every time I try to play a game or type with it it will remember my previous typing and do that even without pressing the macro keys I think.

The numpad automatically turns to macro on the left side of the keyboard. IF you attach the numpad on the right side it’ll be normal. Its kind of dumb that way. I would think that Ryan’s solution might be the best out there right now. I refuse to install the software for the keyboard as when I play Left 4 Dead 2 my character will start moving in the wrong direction and resist my movements.

The keyboard itself is very nice to type on and the keys have little pressing action but aside form putting the numpad on the right if the software is installed or uninstalling the software and using it on the left, I don’t know what to say.

Sorry for the rant! The only problem I’ve had with the driver is games that are running as admin need to have the macro program running as admin. Originally Posted by mcninja The numpad automatically turns to macro on the left side of the keyboard.

Help with Microsoft Sidewinder X6 macros One thing to note is that the numpad on the X6 has poor rollover, meaning you may have blocked keypresses. This can make gaming very difficult. I believe the X6 has “anti-ghosting” which means they flesh out the matrix around the WASD keys for gaming, but in order to do that you have to also reduce the matrix in the right side of the keyboard again, it’s a bit complicated, and I’d rather not go into a detailed explanation , thus making the numpad even less amenable to gaming.

I don’t know about the software side of it, but I predict problems with the hardware due to the keyboard’s matrix under the numpad. You could try it with the Sidewinder X4, which has NKRO n-key rollover, any set of key combinations will pass , but I don’t think its numpad is removable.

Some of critical comments are not applicable for Sidewinder Pro , This page is a criticism of Microsoft IntelliType Pro software. The IntelliType Pro driver version is “7. IntelliType is the software that is bundled with Microsoft’s keyboards. The software allows you to assign functionality to various special keys and function keys on the keyboard.

For example, you can set a key to launch or switch application, open a particular file, or have the key act as if pressing some other key combination or sequence a key macro. It also allows you to set up some other keyboarding related preference, for example, you can disable the Caps Lock key or the Windows key or the Menu key. Of my over a decade experience of using keyboard and keymapping software including: However, no software is perfect and in the following i list some flaws i find.

It is useful if you are also a key macro nerd. Only a small set of keys. These keys are almost never used. It would be great if you can use IntelliType to customize them to do something else, such as closing the current tab, current window, or minimize it. But no, you can’t with IntelliType.

Here are some practical examples that are mainly caused by this flaw: Cannot customize the Num Lock key to do anything. The Num Lock key is almost never used by any app. Most people just leave it on, so they can use the num pad for calculator or type numbers. It would be nice, to re-define the Num Lock key, for example to launch Calculator or launch spread sheet.

Cannot swap Caps Lock with Ctrl. Cannot customize the My Favorites buttons for anything except launching apps or files. I want to use My Favorites buttons for them. Cannot customize Insert key. The Insert key is almost never used by any app. User might want to redefine it as single-key for Paste, and ScrLk can be Copy, since most Microsoft keyboards do not have dedicated keys for Copy and Paste.

The Esc key is far away. For many situations, such as Second Life or using vi , the Esc is frequently used. So, you might want to, for example, place it at a easier location such as the back tick location or Caps Lock location or Windows key location. None of this can be done. The keys that can be customized are: The special key buttons: Function keys only when F Lock is off Some modifier keys can be disabled, but cannot be customized in any other way.

They are: Also, some of these buttons or keys cannot be fully customized. For example, the “My Favorites” buttons can only be set to launch programs or files. You can’t set it to type other key combo. The function keys cannot be customized. They can, only if you have the F-lock off. This is a pain, because if you want to have customized F keys, you need to leave the F-lock off, and you need to remap all the F-lock off state of all function keys, so that for those F key which you do not want customization, they should send the F key signal itself.

If you alway have the F-lock off, then the purpose of F-lock system itself becomes useless. If you do want the benefit of F-lock to toggle state, then you constantly need to keep watch of the state of F-lock, often with frustration because you pressed a F key but it didn’t do what you expected because F-lock is not in the right state. The problem here is primarily of the F-lock concept itself.

It would be nice to be able to customize any key. Especially for gaming e. Second Life , or apps that involves lots of commands such as 3D modeling software e. For example, in Second Life, i’d like to customize the number keys on the number pad, so that when i press them, they do special things. Also, this is such a nice keyboard with many special buttons, it would be fantastic if they can all be customized.

However, since i’m using a dvorak keyboard layout, i’d like to have for example “,aoe” keys instead. Second Life viewer does not let you customize these. But, IntelliType should, but can’t. Modifier Keys cannot be Customized Many modifier keys, such as the Windows key, Menu key, cannot be customized, except that some of them can be disabled. For example, many people do not use the Window key or the Menu key, but they use Ctrl often.

So, it would be nice to make the Window or the Menu key both function as Ctrl, since their positions can be operated by the thumb, which is easier than using pinky for Ctrl. But you can’t. Also, some people are used to have Ctrl at the Caps Lock position. So, you might want to swap them, but you can’t with IntelliType.

Zoom slider cannot be customize except disabled. The Zoom slider is for zooming in web brwsers. However, many people do not find this to be useful. The Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard does not have a previous song and next song button. So, you might want to set the zoom slider for that purpose. Or, you might set the Zoom slider for next app, previous app, or next tab, previous tab, or as a scroll slider, etc.

However, you can’t customize this slider in any way except disable it. That means, it lets you program a key, such that, when pressed, it is equivalent of pressing one or more sequence of key press combinations.

The interface for programing key macros in IntelliType has no documention. After playing with it a little, you can learn how to use it, but still, some simple macro seems difficult or impossible unless you are a programer who knows computer software well and is willing to spend hours digging into how the software works.

Try it. You’ll find that it is impossible. You’ll find that after perhaps some 30 minutes trying to do that, your key may still not do what you want, or switches to the next 2nd application. Microsoft IntelliType Macros Note: IntelliType does have a default command called “Next Window” and “Previous Window”, but the command will also hide the current window after you switch.

This is probably not what most people want, because often you work in 2 applications and you want them both to be visible. For example, let’s say you work as a graphics artist in Photoshop. You got a email from colleague for a particular project. You have both your email app and image app launched.

Your current window is the email window, and press a key to switch to the next app that is Photoshop. After you switched into Photoshop, you still want your email window visible. Very Basic Macro Only The macros feature is very basic. It lets you set a key to type a sequence of key or key combination.

Comparable Softwares

Some of you may have already used the Microsoft Device Center app for Windows 8 , but this new application from Microsoft called as Mouse and Keyboard Center helps you make the most out of your Microsoft keyboard and mouse. Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center If you are using Microsoft Keyboards and Mouse, they do work on Windows as default with generic drivers to get basic functionality but you might have installed and using IntelliPoint and IntelliType Pro drivers to get full support for the devices and some special specific features of that device. And as mentioned, there were different drivers for Mouse and Keyboard so you had to install both. It has an easy-to-learn Windows 8 interface. You can use it to create new shortcuts that make tedious tasks a breeze. It has been designed keeping Windows 8 into consideration but it works on Windows 7 too!

VIDEO: Microsoft IntelliType Keyboard Software Driver 8.20.469.0 for Windows 64-bit

a) install the software (IntelliType Pro), And, if I connected the keyboard, then installed the IntelliType Win 8 Release candidate Microsoft IntelliType Pro Keyboard Software for Windows – 64 bit. NEW Surface Pro 6 · NEW Surface Laptop 2 · NEW Surface Go · Xbox. Microsoft has released updated IntelliType Pro Keyboard Software PS/2 devices are no longer supported in IntelliType Pro ,” the software giant added. Windows Server 8 Beta Compatibility Cookbook and Microsoft.

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