IK Multimedia Announces the T-RackS 5

IK Multimedia T-Racks 5 Expanded capabilities and a fresh look for this integrated collection of signal processors Author: Publish date: Mar 22, T-Racks has been around for many years and has evolved into a significant collection of mixing and mastering software tools. T-Racks 5 functions as both a standalone mastering application and as a series of plug-ins that you can open in your DAW or audio editor, either individually or in effects chains inside the T-Racks Suite plug-in.
ik multimedia t racks 5 complete

IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 MAX

Ever since, IK has been dedicated to creating emulations of iconic vintage hardware, as well as some innovative tools of their own. Features T-RackS 5 offers the power of an entire studio in a single package. Loaded with everything you need to mix and master your music, T-RackS 5 is available as a standalone application, or a plugin suite for your DAW. And for those moments when you only need one particular processor, all 38 modules are also available as a standalone plugins. T-RackS 5 features a completely redesigned interface with an intuitive layout made up of four primary windows.

Simply drag-and-drop processors from the Module Browser into the Signal Chain Window as desired, with up to 16 modules in series or parallel. You can click on any unit in your signal chain to view it in the Module Window and make adjustments. Monitoring is available via the robust Meter section with options for a variety of loudness standards.

T-RackS 5 is even capable of printing DDP files for physical media, making it a one-stop-shop for music production. Custom-routing your signal in T-RackS is easily done via the intuitive drag-and-drop functionality.

The Air, Focus, and Body knobs are aptly named, and allow you to add or remove frequencies with a single knob. Crank up the Push knob for more compression, and dial in the Bass Punch and Transients knobs to fine-tune the low- and high-end respectively. You can add extra vibe with the Analog knob, and spread your signal across the stereo spectrum with the Width knob.

Try it on individual channels, subgroups, or even during mastering. Known for its warm and colored tone, the Dyna-Mu sounds nearly indistinguishable from the hardware. In addition to these iconic signal processors, IK has also developed 11 proprietary tools to help you further craft your tone. Like a kid in a candy store, I had no idea where to start. I wanted to focus on using the T-RackS Suite for this review, so I loaded it up on the drum bus and started browsing through the global presets.

I started with a few light EQ moves on the British channel. I used parallel processing to add some bite with the EQ-PB, and aggressive compression using the Black Like every great vocal, this one started with a Neve preamp.

I used the EQ for saturation and color before sending it into a Black 76 for mild compression. I also created a parallel chain with the Saturator X and another, more aggressive Black 76 to add some colorful distortion.

Click here to download the full resolution audio samples. I only had a few minor concerns. After a bit of experimenting, I was a little disappointed to find I could only create one parallel chain—it would be nice to create multiple sends and returns within a single instance.

While the module presets are robust and include options for a variety of instruments, the global presets feel a little lacking. This could easily be added with an update, and I had so much fun building my own signal chains that I barely noticed—but some users may want a little more guidance with so many options to choose from.

I also found myself missing a dedicated level controller. With up to 16 modules in a single chain, gain structure can quickly get out of hand. While most modules have some form of output gain control, it would be great to see a trim unit added in future updates as well.

Looks do matter

A dream collection In T-RackS 5 there are now 38 incredible modules, including 4 all-new additions to the collection, allowing for the construction of a perfect studio set up. The Master Match module is a new type of plug-in that automatically matches the sonic fingerprint of up to 3 reference tracks, using highly sophisticated algorithms and then applies that sound to a user’s mix. Thanks to this new powerful module, it’s easy to create great sounding masters without the need for any previous audio engineering experience or specialized skills. The new EQual digital equalizer is a band, ultra-clear, high-end parametric equalizer with an extremely transparent sound, a full-screen resizable interface for ultra-precise editing and a vast array of filter shapes that replicate the typical curves of legendary British and American analog EQ’s.

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IK Multimedia T-RackS 5 Deluxe [Download] 22 dream modules for the serious which provides you with immediate and complete visual feedback about the. The standalone suite makes T-RackS 5 a complete, self-contained, one-stop mixing and mastering workstation that allows you to load a set of audio tracks and. IK Multimedia has announced the T-RackS 5, a cutting-edge mixing and mastering The standalone application for T-RackS 5 is a complete.

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