Download torrents directly without Torrent Client

Videos , Movies, Music, Image etc. We generally use torrent clients like Utorrent, BitTorrent etc. Do you Know? There are various online torrent Clients available which allows you to download torrent files using any Download Manager like IDM.
idm download torrent file

Download torrent files with IDM

Everybody knows big files like Games, Movies or any large software are available in the form of a torrent file. You have to download the torrent file first and use any third party software or website to download the file.

But before we jump on the trick first know about IDM. IDM Internet Download Manager is a very great tool or software for fast downloading application and another type of file.

It provides you the facility to download any type of file with the 4X rate. If we compare to normal Downloading speed. So most of the people prefer IDM to download the file from the web. Go to https: Here in the top of the homepage, you find an option upload file. Click on the upload button and upload the torrent file here. Now hit on go button it takes a few seconds or minutes to cache your file.

After finishing caching of your file click on the Transfer button to download the file. Now you will be able to download your torrent file via IDM i. It is better if we compare to Zbigz. It provides you the facility to download the torrent file on your Dropbox account. Now click on add the new torrent. Here you will find two options download via URL or direct uploading torrent file to boxopus.

It takes few seconds or minutes to redirect to the download link. Click on the link and download it from Internet Download Manager. One is the disadvantage of this method you can download 10GB from the particular account.

Now register your account using your Gmail account. Now upload your file and click on next then you will find Start downloading button. Your file will start download via IDM. Now, they have their own App in google play. So, you can able to manage your account anywhere in the world. It has offline access. Go to TorrentHandler. Then put your email id there. Now, when they execute the file then it will send you downloading link in your email ID. Click on it and download it via IDM.

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Alternative Website Download Torrent Files With IDM

Downloading Torrent Files, are a common procedure nowadays. Most of the torrent users complain that the download speed of their torrent is too low. The download speed of a torrent speed largely matters on the number of lechers and seeders for that specific torrent. After downloading a torrent file, you need to seed the same data back to the download target, in order to maintain the torrent speed. And the worst part is that most people after downloading the torrent [lechers] do not seed the torrent file. Just imagine what happens if you can download torrent files with IDM at lightning speed? Sounds good right!

VIDEO: How to Download Torrent File with IDM

Torrent Peer-to-Peer is also known to be faster in the present videos, games, and other popular files. Best Ways to Download Torrent Files Using IDM. Torrent to idm is the best way to download torrent files with IDM. You will easily able to download torrent files. All you need to do is just follow. How to Download Torrent File Using IDM. All of us are using Torrent to Download Big files like Movies, Games & Software. We need to use Torrent client like Bit.

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