Microsoft is sunsetting OneNote 2016: Here’s what that means for professionals

Microsoft first warned about the change earlier in the year, confirming that only the UWP app will receive new features going forward. In an effort to convince users to adopt the newer app, it decided to withdraw OneNote for Desktop from Office At the time, the news caused an outcry amongst committed OneNote users.
how to update onenote 2016

Users brand OneNote’s move away from the desktop a “stupid waste”

April 19, – 16 comments Microsoft plans to end the confusion surrounding the company’s two OneNote applications by focusing development on OneNote for Windows 10 and putting OneNote on extended life support. OneNote is available in two versions currently for Microsoft Windows Windows users and administrators may download and install the OneNote for Windows 10 application from Windows Store, or use the OneNote desktop program that is included in Office and installed by default.

Microsoft plans to make OneNote for Windows 10 the default “OneNote experience” when it launches Office later this year. It is clear from Microsoft’s description that this will be the case only on Windows The upcoming Microsoft Office will be Windows 10 exclusive and it appears that it will still include OneNote but that the program won’t be installed by default.

OneNote will also remain available for Office subscribers for the entire support period, and of course for Windows 7 and Windows 8. It looks as if Microsoft plans to distribute OneNote with Office and not an updated version of the application which is another indicator that development focus shifted to the app some time ago.

OneNote users on supported versions of Windows may use the program just like before. The software will be supported until October but users should not expect any new features or big changes going forward.

Microsoft, of course, wants OneNote users to switch to the the new Windows 10 application, and the company states that OneNote for Windows 10 has “improved performance and reliability”, that it uses a new sync engine that is quicker than the old, and that app users don’t have to worry about updating the application as that happens automatically via Microsoft Store.

The company revealed that it has added more than features based on user feedback to the Windows 10 application in the last 18 months, and that it plans to add even more features and other improvements in the coming months.

OneNote for Windows 10 supports features already that OneNote does not support and vice versa , and Microsoft promises that features that OneNote supports but OneNote for Windows 10 lacks will come to the application as well.

It mentions three in particular: Tagging capabilities. Users will soon be able to create, search and insert custom tags. View and edit other Office files directly in OneNote. Additional class notebook features that are built-in and don’t need to be installed using add-ins. OneNote for Windows 10 offers a better inking experience already.

Microsoft published a comparison of available features in OneNote and OneNote for Windows 10 on this website. OneNote Create Outlook Tasks in notes. Apply templates to pages. Store notebooks on the local drive and not in the cloud. Support for third-party add-ins.

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Desktop vs. Store App OneNote comes in two different flavors: Both are free! Let us show you how they differ, so you can choose the one that’s best for you. Read More and found that OneNote carries many more features, while the app is sleeker and simpler. You can click and drag your notebooks around to reorder them. The Shapes gallery in the Draw tab now includes flowchart tools like circles and arrows.

VIDEO: Microsoft drops OneNote desktop app from Office, pushes users to Windows 10 version

Tags are a way to categorize and prioritize notes in OneNote . Your first OneNote page should tell users how to use and update the. Tip: If you’re upgrading from OneNote to OneNote , your existing notebooks in the format won’t be automatically converted. This is to make sure. It has some legacy functionality that might be important if you use this version at work or school, but OneNote is no longer being updated with new features.

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