How To Use Betternet

These VPN tunnels basically route all of your internet traffic through a special server located in a different country, thereby hiding your online identity behind the mask of these VPN servers. Previously on TrishTech. The setup installer is not signed and there are basically no options to configure in the Betternet front-end — indicating that this VPN service is perhaps in its infancy. During the installation, you may have to give permission to install certain drivers and network interfaces from OpenVPN — these are required for Betternet VPN to work.
how to set up betternet vpn

Betternet: VPN Service

This is a free application that lets you connect to the internet in an incognito manner. The utility will change the IP address so that none can keep a trace of your work on the internet. The Betternet app pretty quickly identifies your location and joins you with the closest server. This results in a faster and a better service while comparing it with the other network providers. Not only this, the program also provides a better security in terms of connection to any public networks.

It works more or less like a no cost proxy service but is way more secure. Moreover, it completely safeguards all the passwords and the personal data, therefore, leaving you protected from the hackers. Betternet VPN is compatible with across all Windows version. It does not require any login and can directly start using the after installation.

The service does not save any log of the user and its smooth interface is very user-friendly. It works on simple one click connection rule. And the best part of Betternet is that the feature connects the device to the fastest accessible server. Follow the guidelines on the wizard that comes up to finish off the installation process. Click on the Connect button as shown in the given screenshot to start the search for the nearest network location.

This immediately starts searching for the network and connects to it quickly. But kindly remember that this free version of Betternet VPN is a seven days trial. But for further usage, you need to upgrade it to the Premium version by choosing an appropriate plan. Step 2 — This shows a list of cities to choose. Select the city you reside in. But in case your city is nowhere on the list then choose any of the cities from the option.

Step 3 — Now this displays the rate list of the premium plans. Here, select a plan accordingly. Step 4 — This takes you to the payment section page to clear off the payments. Once all is set and done you become a premium member of this VPN service. Concluding Remarks Thus you see that this is the service that helps you with the privacy and the security issues of the networks.

This is quite a reliable one that actually connects us with the best possible option at that given point in time.

Privacy & Security

The Verdict Why use BetterNet? This in turn conceals your identity and true location. Instead, you just download the app, install it and click the button to connect. There are barely any settings or features to configure, which keeps things simple, just a simple list of locations to connect from.

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Betternet is one of the few VPN companies who strive to keep their As we have mentioned above the process of installing Betternet VPN I. You can Download and Setup Betternet VPN, a multidimensional app for a secured internet connection in Windows This is a free. I obviously don’t like paying for things and have just started using betternet, a free vpn. My question is “Do I need to set up utorrent.

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