How to recover deleted or unsaved Excel files

I added some data to the Excel worksheet on my Mac and the power gone out with the Excel unsaved. Is there a way to recover unsaved Excel file on Mac or recover Excel file on Mac? Please help me, thank you!!! Actually, there is 2 way to recover Excel file not saved on Mac.
how to recover unsaved excel file

How to recover unsaved excel file?

Part 5. Still, most of us don’t really know about them. So, in this section, you will see a brief introduction to these two restore unsaved excel functions. Excel AutoSave is a great helper for you to make an autosave for the edited Excel every 10 minutes. It plays an important role in avoiding data loss. Excel AutoRecoveris equally important in recovering lost files caused by computer problems. When you open Excel again, you will find the recovered files appear in the Excel Document Recovery window.

You need to save Excel once at any rate before using Excel for automatic recovery. Otherwise, this recovery feature does not work when your PC fails.

To avoid the disability of this function, you should inspect them firstly. Part 2. Recover Unsaved Workbooks Excel The following method tells you how to use the Microsoft Office to recover an excel file that was not saved, and please read it carefully.

Select “File” and tap on “Open”. Find the “Recent Workbooks” to click it. Go down and hit the “Recover Unsaved Workbooks” option. Look for the unsaved Excel from the drafts folder Excel auto save location and open it on Excel.

Click on “Save As” to retrieve your lost file. It’s slightly different if you want to recover unsaved Excel file on Mac. Part 3. Restore to Older Versions of the Excel File More importantly, Excel and also meet your needs for restoring edited documents from older versions. If you want to urgently in Excel recover unsaved file, you can easily utilize the Office autosaved feature. Here is a guide to show you the way of how to recover unsaved Excel files: Step 1. Choose the “File” and then tap on “Info” on the left list.

Step 2. Hit the “Manage Versions” option and then the autosaved files will show up. Step 3. After editing Excel before autosave, Excel will definitely help you save the document based on the time you set. Each version of the file will be named with date, time and ” auto save “. You just need to open one of them so you can see if they are different.

Step 4. When you are too careless and forgot to save excel before the closure of the software, some words will be marked automatically in Excel. Step 5. You will receive the information as soon as you click the Excel file.

You had better make a duplication for your data before closing the Excel. Part 4. Retrieve Unsaved Excel by OneDrive backups OneDrive is a great tool for recovering unsaved Excel files, making you free from the backup loss. You can right-click every document by using the OneDrive and find the changing record from the “Version History”: One of the biggest merits is that you have a right to read your information by this recover file tool even if excel crashed or the hard disk has been damaged.

It doesn’t matter how you lost the data. Now, the post will introduce you a professional software in this aspect FoneCope AnyRecover. It is good at all kinds of data recovery, especially in the recovery of Excel file. Know More towards AnyRecover: In the case of being attacked by viruses or crashing or breakdown of the computer, you can use it to recover the data regardless of different kinds of files.

How to restore unsaved file in Excel?

It can crash anytime and can your Excel files with it. Excel has a few functionalities where it can help you recover unsaved Excel files or data in some cases. You updated a file which has been saved earlier and Excel crashes before you could save it. You made a mistake and saved the changes, but now want to go back to the previous version. Recover a New Unsaved Excel File that has never been saved If you are working on something and Excel crashes or your system crashes , you can still recover that unsaved file. How to enable AutoSave and AutoRecover is covered later in this article.

VIDEO: How to Recover Unsaved or Overwritten Excel File

Recover Unsaved Excel File. At times you get into a scenario when you have worked on a file and it is closed, for some reason, without being saved. It results. You’ll try everything to recover your unsaved Word, Excel, and PowerPoint files, isn’t it? Along the similar lines, the blog highlights, both manual. How to recover unsaved document in Office; How to avoid unsaved older versions, including for other apps, such as Excel and PowerPoint.

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