X5 on Windows 7 64-bit

Replied on March 8, Hi, What is the exact and complete error message? Step 1: Try running the setup file with administrative privileges. Right-click on the setup file and select Run as administrator.
how to install corel draw x5 on windows 7

I can’t installing corel draw x5 to my laptop

Permalink Reply by Butch on December 29, at 5: Go to Microsoft search for msi download for XP. Follow download instuctions you should be good to go. Sometimes when a virus invades your machine it will attach itself to this file. Your virus software will then remove the file thinking it is the virus. I found a bunch of posts addressing that very same subject. I also found a good amount complaining about Windows installing something “odd” with one of it’s automatic updates.

There’s a fix on the MS site somewhere???? I don’t know for sure, but am I correct in assuming that the installer in Windows 7 is a totally revamped system? I’m curious because I really can’t find any reference to this issue in connection with the newer operating systems. Just upgraded with no problems. Had to do a restore. Glad I do restore points. Reply Permalink Reply by Dawn on December 30, at 2: I ended taking my issue to my computer guy when I read the suggestions to check for a missing Microsoft file.

This is an area I was not sure how to resolve so I called my computer guy to help me figure out how to fix this. What actually ended up causing my issue was a corrupted file that was copied to my computer when I first attempted to install. Could have been because of my anti-virus?! What was explained to me is that when software goes to install it copies files to the registry. Since mine ended up having a corrupted file installed it continually presented me with the same issue time and time again.

We used an article at this link http: There is a broken link at the bottom for the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility that we used to fix my issue.

You can search Google and find other avenues to download the Clean-up Utility. I have found him to be a very trustworthy person. Bill Follansbee, Brimstone PC, , www. I do value the community of support that we can provide each other. I saw your post on Tom’s Wilcom forum so I know you’ve been battling this for awhile. The only added information I can provide is for folks using Vista or Windows Corel warns against using that CleanUp utility on one of their support pages I was browsing through for you yesterday.

I guess it’s just for older OS systems like XP.

HELP – Problem When Installing CorelDraw X5

TrainableMan said: Trial, Beta, even production installers aren’t always perfect. I was just saying it is possible the error was at their end. That’s why I wanted you to actually check that the file C:

VIDEO: installation problem

X5 version of corel draw is designed and optomized to use with windows 7, xp. you can also run Win7 in virtual box under win 10 and install CorelX5 there. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite X5 is fully compatible with windows 7. No need Before install CorelDRAW X5 you must ensure that you have all the updates of the. I’m surprised you have an issue with Win 7 64 as for most of us it has been trouble free. But I gave up on Draw X5 and installed X4 instead. That runs without.

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