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WonderHowTo Microsoft Office files can be password-protected in order to prevent tampering and ensure data integrity. But password-protected documents from earlier versions of Office are susceptible to having their hashes extracted with a simple program called office2john. Those extracted hashes can then be cracked using John the Ripper and Hashcat. Extracting the hash from a password-protected Microsoft Office file takes only a few seconds with the office2john tool.
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How to Recover Forgotten Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) Password

Download How to recover lost Word password A single forgotten password can deliver a bunch of problems: If this situation sounds familiar to you, you should consider Word Password Recovery Lastic tool.

Download Recover individual MS Word passwords A powerful crack mechanism underlying the program allows you to crack any MS Word password almost instantly. A common situation: With Word Password Recovery Lastic you simply remove the password from the document and open it as normal! What if you can open the document, but cannot put any modifications into it due to a lost password? Not a problem either — load that file into the application and recover word password in a few seconds!

VBA project password as well as document protection password could be cracked the same way. To break any individual MS Word password, simply open the document you need and click the Crack button. Few seconds later, you will see all passwords of that document recovered or reset.

It is that simple! Crack multiple MS Word documents However, what differentiates Word Password Recovery Lastic from a bunch of similar tools is its ability to recover passwords of multiple documents simultaneously. The tool swiftly searches your local drive and locates all Microsoft Word documents protected with a password. After that you can crack all passwords in these documents with a single click!

Recovering MS Word passwords has never been easier! Indeed, what if you want to recover lost passwords from dozen of documents scattered across the entire disk? Normally, you would have to load each document to a password-cracking software or online service, but with Word Password Recovery Lastic you simply run the search so it would found all the docs for you, then you click the Crack button to recover or reset all passwords at once. Sounds like a more proper way to crack passwords.

An option to search for recently opened password-protected Word documents upon startup of the program adds another bit of convenience. Forgot Word password? The idea of the Password Server is that it stores data and algorithms required to crack almost any Word password basing on the crypto information from a document. This works as follows: Using these data the password server finds an appropriate key and sends it back to the program. Finally, the tool applies this decryption key to decrypt the document and remove the password protection from it.

This method has several advantages: Neither the document contents, nor your personal information are transferred anywhere, and thus remain confidential.

The original file remains unchanged, because all the work is done with a copy of it. Word Password Recovery Lastic supports recovering or cracking multiple passwords from any number of MS Word documents at once. Allows to crack password to open, password to modify, document protection password, VBA projects password of Microsoft Word document. Ultimate password remover tool. The search for protected documents allows you to find all MS Word files protected with a password on your disk.

Allows copying any recovered password to the clipboard. Has obvious and simple interface with multi-language support. Allows to recover word password with no problems. Legality of password recovery Password recovery programs offered on our website are designed for legal purposes. Recovering or resetting your own passwords is a legal operation. Though you should bear in mind that recovering other users’ passwords without their permission can be considered illegal in courts of many countries.

Your use of our password recovery software implies that you have the proper right or the permission from the data owner to access the concealed information. The PasswordLastic company is not responsible for any illegal use of this software.

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It specifically deals with cracking WPA2 keys with Hashcat, but the techniques described in that article regarding phone numbers, wordlists, and modifiers are all relevant here. My previous article that covers creating custom wordlists may be of assistance as well. Extracting the Password Hash from the Office Document In order to use Hashcat to attack the hash stored in a Microsoft Office document, we first must extract the hash. For ease of use, remember, the Office document should be in the same directory. It comes installed with Kali by default.

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This free software is designed to recover Word file open passwords. These are by far the most common passwords in protected Word documents. Free Word. Locking a MS word is very simple but unlock a Word document isn’t a simple task, provide options that can help you with the password crack in different ways. Forgot password for MS Word document? To crack the password, it uses three attack modes that include Dictionary Attack, Brute-force with.

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