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So I figured ill post it here to help out people. So i hope this helps some of ya when 3. Things are subject to change these are just a breakdown from what I saw tanking it last night on the PTR. There are 4 different types of mobs in the trash Invokers, Assaulters, Commanders, and guards.
halion tactics

The Ruby Sanctum Raid

You are here: This dragon-mashing, fire-blazing slugfest will be a test of tanking skills and reflexes as you and your team save the home of the Red Dragonflight and the world from the impending arrival of Deathwing. This guide will breakdown the basic strategy of the 4 bosses in the dungeon for the ever reliable, ever resilient tankers.

Knowing whether you are a main tank MT or an off tank OT will help you manage the bosses, the debuff stacks, and the adds. He primarily uses melee attacks so proper threat management can keep him away from your ranged DPS and healers. The encounter has 2-phases, first is basically a tank and spank fight, while the 2nd requires add management.

This attack is probably not much of a problem to the tank with good damage mitigation, but it might give melee DPS some problem. The best way to deal with this is to face the boss away from the raid and melee DPS. This debuff combined with Blade Tempest will most likely pose a threat to the tank, so a tank-dedicated healer must be intact throughout the fight.

In a nutshell, the fight is really easy as long as you keep the enemies away from the DPS. Our next boss will be Saviana Ragefire, a black drake that has some nasty fire power. The fight consists of only one phase that requires a bit of raid coordination and awareness. Her main attack involves breathing fire with an average range cone and a fireball attack that hits raid members that does AoE damage.

Being a typical drake encounter, Saviana must be tanked away from the raid because of her abilities such as her fire breath. She occasionally use Conflagrate, an ability where she will fly up away from the raid and fire flame balls towards random raid members. Once she returns back to the ground, the tank must make sure to grab aggro so as not to let her hit any other player. She also uses Enrage which increases her attacks, these attacks can be tolerable with right damage mitigation and healing, but having a hunter or a rogue around to cancel the ability would be nice.

Other than that, the fight is really simple and can be done easily. Your 3rd boss fight will be against General Zarithrian, a massive dragon watcher that carries a huge lance. The fight consists of only one phase, but raid awareness and tanking coordination will be more vital compared to the first 2 as the General will constantly summon adds that casts AoE damage. The fight begins with the main tank tanking the General usually at the middle of the area while being DPSed by melee and sometimes ranged.

Though the main tank must immediately grab aggro once the ability is finished. Fear will also be the signal where adds will come in any moment. But the real challenge has yet to come as Halion arrives to avenge his fallen lieutenants. Halion is a Twilight Dragon that is considered one of the greatest champions of the Black Dragonflight. If you think Sartharion is tough, you got another thing coming. Halion has a total of 3 phases where tanking strategies differ from each one.

This phase is a simple drake tank-and-spank encounter. His cleave and fire breath attacks have average conic range so make sure you tank him facing away from the raid. Halion occasionally uses Meteor Strike and Marks of Combustion in this phase, both can give huge amounts of AoE damage.

Meteor Strike can be avoided if you look out for a glyph glowing on the ground. The glyph marks where the attack will land. The dragon will transport himself to the Twilight realm and a port will appear for the players to enter. Ideally, everyone in the raid must enter the portal, except for one healer and one tank, both preparing for the 3rd phase. Once inside, the Twilight tank must grab aggro immediately.

As much as possible, the tank must rotate along, but not directly infront of, the shadow orbs. The shadow orbs inflict damage upon contact, but the real threat is when it casts Twilight Cutter. The ability causes the orbs to connect via dark beam which causes immense damage upon contact. The beam rotates along with the orbs, so constant rotation is important.

Other than that, tanking Halion in this phase is easy. This is where your idle tank and healer from the real world comes into the fray. Halion will exist on both realms. Their abilities remain the same: This will be an intense DPS coordination combat as one Halion might hit much harder than his counter-part, so tanks and healers must prepare for the worst.

Using all trinkets and cooldowns in this phase will be very helpful. Share this:

Re: HaHaHalion the “destroyer” of Bad PUGs and AFK raiders…

When you get the plague, look around you for someone to pass it on to. A refinement you can use is to look at the duration of the plague. If it has 10 or fewer seconds left you can keep it until it fades. This minimises the number of passes, and thus keeps more people without Plague Sickness. It helps if you announce your intention to keep it, so healers can keep a close eye on you and people know not to try and take the plague off you. Finally on this phase, what to do if the plague gets into the melee? Well, the simplest thing to do is to just let it bounce around.

VIDEO: Tanking Ruby Sanctum

It is true, we have tried various tactics on the Halion. We have oriented it with every bit of tactical mastery of New Dawn’s officer council and wit. Other then what Powerogue posted, it seems you split up the team and attack Halion from both realms. If you leave Halion unattended in one. Well maybe you are in need of the very good Halion 25 trinkets, but first the tactics are explained detailed, the rest is seen in the interfaces of.

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