Google Earth Pro Version for Windows 10 OS – Features and Updates

Google Earth Pro Version 7. Images on the map are from satellite imagery, geographical information system GIS and aerial photography that can be viewed in 3D. Originally intended for commercial applications and used to be a paid version, this app is now downloadable for free. The Earth Pro can be downloaded in multiple Windows versions, including Windows
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Free Google Earth Pro Now Available to Download

Yes you heard it rite. Google announced in its blog post that Google Earth pro is now free to download. Previously it was available on a premium price of USD but now it is totally free for everyone. Google is popular in providing free services to its customer from the the very beginning. However some of its pro services are not free. You have to pay to avail them. Google Earth Pro is one of that service. This free Google Earth Pro version will remain free for 2 years.

May be Google extend this free version duration in future. Google stated on its blog Starting today, even more people will be able to access Google Earth Pro: To see what Earth Pro can do for you—or to just have fun flying around the world—grab a free key and download Earth Pro today. Well that is a best opportunity for you to grab a free copy for yourself. All you need is to signup to grab the free Google Earth pro key.

You need to fill a form and you will receive a key at your email ID. Download the software and register it with the key and use the full features for free. Some of the Google earth pro features are listed here which you will get now free of cost. Advanced Measurements: Measure parking lots and land developments with polygon area measure, or determine affected radius with circle measure.

High-resolution printing: Exclusive Pro data layers: Demographics, parcels, and traffic count. Spreadsheet Import: Ingest up to addresses at a time, assigning Placemarks and style templates in bulk.

GIS import: Visualize ESRI shapefiles.

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This software is employed by a vast majority of people such as businessmen and women, students, hobbyists and scientists of all disciplines. Several versions of this unique browser exist and these include Pro, Educational, and free versions respectively. However, the pro version is the crux of this article. There are plenty of features in the pro versions that are obtainable in any of the other two versions.

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You can request a free key for Google Earth Pro at: gev0/ The e-mail address that you use to register. Use keyboard shortcuts to navigate in Google Earth. Below you’ll Learn more about navigating in Google Earth. Tip: To Get started with Google Earth Pro. You can install Google Earth Pro to auto-update. If you need to manually update Google Earth, you can download the most recent and 7.x direct installers.

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