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Can open torrent files locally and by their URL or magnet link Easy to share your own files and folders Supports importing multiple torrents at once Can customize lots of advanced settings Cons: Unable to add custom websites to the search tool May try to install unnecessary programs during setup More About FrostWire Following is a bit more on FrostWire’s features: FrostWire works with Windows, macOS, Android, and Linux operating systems The built-in search utility lets you search for torrents among over a dozen popular websites at once. I’ve used it off and on for several years and have never been disappointed.
frostwire review

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So, we start with the FrostWire. The program is lightweight, thus saving you space, loading speed will fast and saves battery charge on your Windows laptop. The interface is extremely user-friendly, which means a newbie, who has just installed it can master it within a day or so.

The primary advantage, which we consider is the monetization. To sustain the business, every program or company has to monetize their product. The FrostWire does not sell advertisements space, which makes it perfect someone like me. You can open the torrent files locally or magnet line or URL.

You can share the files and folders quickly. You can download multiple files at once. The number of settings allows you to customize it.

The annoying thing about the program is that they add unnecessary programs during the setup. That is how they monetize the FrostWire. The company gets paid for every installation they make on your Windows PC. This is kind of cheesy business models, which annoys me the most. But you can open the control panel and uninstall them at once.

The uTorrent is the lightweight program, just like FrostWire. It supports multiple platforms. You can even schedule the downloads from days to weeks. It runs on start-up, but you can change the settings to make it stop it from the settings. How about you have a torrent in the RSS? You can download them directly from the RSS, which is a useful option for many users. We always say that monetization of the product is an aspect, which we have to check because it becomes an annoying part after from day one.

The uTorrent is available for free but not entirely. The company sells advertisements on the platform, which can grow into an annoying thing. You can only download the torrents, but you cannot search for the program. The developers should have added the feature.

We have said this before, the business model in the uTorrent is to make money via display advertisements and install additional program installations, which can become a problem for many people. Conclusion We have listed both advantages and disadvantages, which will give you a clear picture of the programs.

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A Review of the Free Torrent Client FrostWire

Rate it! Thank you for rating! I don’t know where these reviewers are getting their info on this being spyware, full of virus’s and someone said it was not compatible with Windows 7. However, no one seems to back their opinions up in any concrete way. I have been using Frostwire since it was called frostwire and used Limewire before that.

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If you’re torrenting on Android, you’ll need to find a good FrostWire alternative. Review: 10 Best FrostWire alternatives available on Android. (FrostWire will install the Ask toolbar if you accept all the default installation settings, but clear the appropriate checkboxes and you’ll stay. featured artists sharing their music with you under Creative Commons or check out thousands of free downloads and content reviews from

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