2017’s Best Android Data Recovery Software: 5 Options + Reviews

Versions Publisher Description Get your files in Android phone lost? Try this fast, powerful and easy Android files recovery. It enables you to recover the lost deleted contacts, messages, messaging attachment, call history, gallery, picture library, music, video, document on Android phones. It could get back data lost in water damage, busted part, factory settings restores, Android Phone stolen.
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Best Alternative to Aiseesoft Fonelab Android Data Recovery

In short, if you can’t find or access those precious data e. Contacts, photos, videos, text messages, call logs, etc. And you haven’t set up any backup options such as Google Photos, Google Drive, or any other kind of cloud backup services. Here’s a list of specific Android data loss scenarios: You accidentally deleted some photos , contacts, etc.

The MicroSD card attached in your device became corrupted. Failure of rooting your Android device. All data got wiped due to OS resetting or upgrade. Your device got locked. Data were missing after ROM flashing. And more. Android Data Recovery Software: What to Look for? Knowing which one is right for your situation can be challenging. Here are some factors we use to evaluate whether a product is good or not.

Recovery Options: In fact, this factor alone has helped us knock out the majority of recovery programs which only support retrieving data from a removable disk or card. Supported File Types: Windows, Mac OS X which you need to run the program.

All the tools listed below are safe to use. Fone Android Get Dr. Fone is our top-rated option. With only three steps: Both a PC and a Mac version are available. FoneLab also supports data recovery from both Android internal memory and external mass memory card. In addition, you can use the app to safely root Android, though we don’t recommend you to do so unless you know what you’re doing.

Remo is able to scan both the internal and external phone memory of your Android device to locate deleted or lost files, including Android application package files APK.

Currently, the software is only available for Windows PCs. Besides, the software can recover eight types of file formats from all kinds of Android devices. It’s compatible with both Windows and macOS. As such, the reviews are our own opinions. We strongly encourage you to do your own research and if none of the above software works for you, bring your device to a computer repair shop nearby or a data recovery center for services.

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FoneLab Android Data Recovery Publisher’s Description

You can easily recover the deleted contacts with full information like contacts name, phone number, Email, job title, address, and more which you fill on your phone. Lost important call log before saving the contact? Then this Android data recovery software will do you a great favor to restore the lost phone number, name, data, duration time, etc. You can view the retrieved call history in HTML and attached images with your browser. Accidental deletion on your text messages worries you? Then recovering the deleted text messages with this Android data recovery tool. After deleting them, you must want to get the regret to find them back.

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Download FoneLab for Android Recover the data on your smartphone or tablet if you had to do a reset. FoneLab for Android icon Recover contacts, messages, call history, and pictures stored on your Android device with the help of this app that. This page introduces the best alternative to Aiseesoft FoneLab Android Data Recovery and tells you how to use it to solve your data loss.

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