Fighter, Tome (3.5e Class)

We were talking core. And wouldn’t you know it, I forgot about the paladin. But were were we talking about core only, just incase I missed it? I recall the OP going along the lines of “Why would any body want to be core fighter when then are other combat focus classes who have better saves can do more damage and have more hit dice than a core fighter?
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Fighter 101

Your dexterous maneuvers and skilled acrobatics allow you to slip past a foe’s defenses and deliver an accurate strike. Fighter bonus feat Your expert use of your shield allows you to strike at vulnerable foes even when you forgo your own attacks in favor of defense. Fighter bonus feat When you and an ally team up against a foe, you know how to maximize the threat your ally poses to ruin your target’s defense. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled in combining your shield bash attack with an armed strike.

When you use your shield in unison with a weapon, your training allows you to score telling blows with both. Fighter bonus feat You can aid all of your allies to a much greater effect. Fighter bonus feat Maztican armor is highly decorated with bright paints, animal skins, and dyed feathers. You are trained to use your armor to its best advantage, and you distract and misdirect your opponents with its flurry of decorations and movement. Fighter bonus feat Armor Specialization Through long wear and hours of combat, you have trained your body to believe in its armor.

Where others flinch, you confront. When the sword falls, your instincts, born of bruises and rent flesh, present your cuirass, cuisse, helm, or gorget to meet the blade at the perfect angle, causing it to skitter off harmlessly. Fighter bonus feat You know how to defend yourself with a battleaxe. Fighter bonus feat You can strike quickly when your opponent’s back is turned. Fighter bonus feat You have trained in ballista operation. Fighter bonus feat You strike at your foes in time with the music you sing or in cadence with an oration you deliver.

The magical power of your bardic performance drives you forward and improves your fighting ability. Fighter bonus feat You can fight multiple opponents and cause them to get into each other’s way. Fighter bonus feat Your martial training makes full use of your natural weapons in unarmed combat.

Fighter bonus feat You have learned a meditation that grants you insight into the martial disciplines you have studied. Fighter bonus feat You can block incoming arrows with your shield.

Fighter bonus feat You throw yourself into the fray, using your spiked armor and spiked shield to tear your opponents to pieces. Fighter bonus feat Acting as one mind in two bodies, you and your pet enjoy a nearly perfect symmetry in battle, making it very easy for you to keep your opponents off balance. Handle Animal 5 ranks, trained pet. Fighter bonus feat You can ready ranged weapons surprisingly quickly.

Fighter bonus feat You can mislead an opponent in combat from a distance. Fighter bonus feat You enjoy an almost legendary ability to master the air in your lungs. Fighter bonus feat You can hatter foes senseless with your mace, morningstar, quarterstaff, or flail. Few victims are willing to stand toe-to-toe with a warrior known for knocking his foes witless with a single strike. Fighter bonus feat You have learned how to hurl weapons to deadly effect.

Fighter bonus feat You have studied many special combat maneuvers to recognize them and react quickly to your opponent’s tactics. Fighter bonus feat You have a gift with ranged weapons. The force of your personality enables you to “convince” them to fly straight and true.

Fighter bonus feat At the expense of attention to other distractions, you focus on a single opponent to give you a decided advantage while fighting against him.

Fighter bonus feat You can follow through with powerful blows. Fighter bonus feat When an unwary opponent gives you an opportunity, you use it to change positions with your foe. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled at fighting at very close range and in evading grappling attempts. Fighter bonus feat You are unusually effective at defending your space. Fighter bonus feat Your acrobatics and agility in combat allow you to maneuver across the battlefield with ease. You stay on your feet and speed over difficult terrain due to your superior athleticism and acrobatic talents.

Fighter bonus feat You can pinpoint weaknesses in materials, helping you destroy them. Fighter bonus feat You are trained at using your combat skill for defense as well as offense Fighter bonus feat Your keen understanding of your opponent’s moves and your instinctive feel for the flow of combat enable you to shrewdly assess your opponent’s combat capabilities.

Fighter bonus feat You are a thunderbolt of destruction on the battlefield. By carefully timing your charge, you rush forward and slam into an enemy just as he gathers the speed needed to charge you.

You turn your opponent’s momentum against him. Fighter bonus feat You’ve been trained in the combat style of the gray elven Companion Guard of Celene. Fighter bonus feat By paying careful attention to nearby allies and reducing the accuracy of your attacks, you help protect your companions. Fighter bonus feat You are extraordinarily talented at making ranged attacks past your allies.

Fighter bonus feat You are skilled in lining up accurate, deadly shots with your crossbow. Perhaps you add custom-made sights to your weapon, or you have learned to maximize the stability and precision the weapon offers.

Fighter bonus feat You have an energetic fighting style modeled after traditional Salkirian dancing. Fighter bonus feat You combine agility and extraordinary combat prowess to great effect. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled at inducing fear in your opponents. Fighter bonus feat You carefully line up a ranged attack, timing it precisely so that you hit your opponent when his guard is down. When your target is busy dealing with an ally’s melee attack, you strike. Fighter bonus feat Your shattering rhythms pass through armor to rattle your opponent’s bones.

Fighter bonus feat You are at your most dangerous when forced to protect yourself. Fighter bonus feat You can avoid attacks of opportunity when making ranged attacks while threatened. Fighter bonus feat You excel at fighting while entrenched. Fighter bonus feat You patiently parry and avoid your opponent’s blows while waiting for just the right opening.

Fighter bonus feat You can turn a strong defense into a powerful offense. Fighter bonus feat You sweep your weapon through the area you threaten, warding away opponents and forcing them to move away or suffer a fearsome blow. Fighter bonus feat You can deflect incoming arrows, as well as crossbow bolts, spears, and other projectile or thrown weapons. Fighter bonus feat A scornful champion of the demon princes, you detest and oppose devils and other creatures that refuse to heed the call of chaos.

Fighter bonus feat You have mastered the style of fighting with the dire flail and have learned to deal thunderous blows with the weapon. Fighter bonus feat The control you exercise over your beast within allows you control over others with the ability to change their shape. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled at interfering with opponents in melee. Fighter bonus feat You are adept at dodging blows. Fighter bonus feat You can react with your off hand to make an additional attack along with an attack of opportunity.

Fighter bonus feat Your pet knows how to knock enemies off balance to give you yet another edge in battle. Fighter bonus feat You are practiced at disarming opponents that wield double weapons. Fighter bonus feat You are an expert skirmisher skilled at fighting with two weapons. Your extensive training with two weapons allows you to attack with both while moving through a chaotic combat or fighting a running battle.

Fighter bonus feat Your bond with the earth and martial training has imbued your fists with the qualities of cold iron. Fighter bonus feat You can draw a composite bow with a heavier pull than you should be able to. Fighter bonus feat Your training in dance allows you to mirror and anticipate an opponent’s moves.

Fighter bonus feat Choose an exotic shield, such as a gauntlet shield or battle cloak. You are proficient with that type of exotic shield. Fighter bonus feat Choose any type of exotic weapon, such as dire flail or shuriken see Weapons for a list of exotic weapons. You understand how to use that type of exotic weapon in combat. Fighter bonus feat Your skill at finding and exploiting opportunities is such that you can find openings in even the smallest movements.

Fighter bonus feat You can get greater distance out of a ranged weapon. Fighter bonus feat Shackles, ropes, and binds offer no impediment to your impressive fighting skills. Fighter bonus feat The beast within you knows no fear. You may call upon its ferocity to see you through your darkest hours.

Fighter bonus feat By channeling your ki energy, you sheathe your limbs in magical fire. Your unarmed strikes deal extra fire damage. Fighter bonus feat You channel your ki energy into a cloak of flame that injures all who attempt to strike you.

Fighter bonus feat Years of experience in bashing your way through problems has given you an insight into the most efficient way to batter things to pieces. You know just where to hit things in order to destroy them as rapidly as possible. Fighter bonus feat Your stunning attack is empowered by celestial might.

Fighter bonus feat When fighting unarmored opponents, you excel at twisting your weapon just before impact. This motion rips and tears at your foe’s flesh, causing intense pain. This attack is wholly ineffective against armored foes, but it tears through natural defenses. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled at flaying the flesh from your enemy’s bones.

Fighter bonus feat You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack. Fighter bonus feat Your experience fighting giants has given you a tactical advantage against them. Fighter bonus feat You are skilled at inducing opponents to attack you. Fighter bonus feat Choose one type of one-handed slashing melee weapon, such as a scimitar or longsword for which you have already selected the Weapon Focus feat. You wield this weapon with an almost unnatural grace.

Why be a 3.5 fighter?

DnD 3. Because so little of 3. For help identifying sourcebook abbreviations, see my Sourcebook Abbreviations Guide. Bad, useless options, or options which are extremely situational. OK options, or useful options that only apply in rare circumstances Green: Good options. Fantastic options, often essential to the function of your character.

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The problem with the original Fighter is that most other full BAB classes could do just as well as them. The feats did not scale that well, and. Acrobatic Strike, Your dexterous maneuvers and skilled acrobatics allow you to slip past a foe’s defenses and deliver an accurate strike. Fighter bonus feat. Capcom Unity has released the official Season patch notes for Street Fighter 5: Arcade Edition. All 30 cast members received balance.

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