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However, there are still those apps and sites that keep on running despite Niantic’s best efforts. Unfortunately, this tracker has been shut down. On the upside, there is another, FastPokeMap, to answer player’s tracker needs. What Is FastPokeMap? Not only that, but it also indicates where the Pokemon are specifically and how long it will stay in that location.
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New Pokemon Go Tracker FastPokeMap Better Than Pokevision

APK Version: This made discovering pokemons on Pokemon pretty easy. However, the company has made its comeback and the app is available again for tracking pokemons on Pokemon Go. Let us discuss some of the highlights down below. FastPokeMap is a Pokemon Go tracker which helps tracking real time location of pokemons and how long they will be available at that particular location.

Just like its name, the app tracks pokemons at a very fast speed. Low specifications required. Highly effective at tracking Pokemons from large distances. User interface which is easy to get used to.

Let us discuss some of these methods to avail the app. Here is the best way of getting the app on Android devices. To download this, the user must simply follow the download button provided below. Try to locate the latest version of the app available online; this would get you the best features. In fact it can be done within minutes using a PC and an internet connection along with your iOS device. Here is how you do it.

Step 1: Download and run Cydia Impactor on your PC. Step 2: Now, download the FastPokeMap for iPad. IPA file on your PC. Step 3: Once installed, drag and drop the.

Step 4: Step 5: How to use the FastPokeMap app? The FastPokemon mobile app is pretty easy to use. As mentioned previously, the app tracks the pokemons from nearby locations and also displays the amount of time they will be available for.

Once installed, the users are asked to link their Pokemon Go account to the app. Once the account has been linked the users can then customize the scanning settings as per their liking. Various options like choosing the Pokemon type to track etc are available here. After customizing as per your liking, the app will start scanning Pokemons within the radius you have set it to. Then, you can reach the location the Pokemon is located at and starting catching it on the Pokemon Go app.

But the app does work the same way on PCs as it would on any Android device. After downing the. APK file should now install on the emulator by itself and the app can be used thereupon. It makes the game easy for the players by providing exact locations of the Pokemons of their choices. It also provides various other features which we discussed above.

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The most popular radar now as an Android application. There are dozens of applications of this nature out there and many of them end up disappearing from the official stores a short time after being launched due to the infringement of Niantic’s terms of use. And that’s also been the case of FastPokeMap, the APK of which can only be downloaded from alternative stores, such as ours, or other mirrors that also offer the download of installation files for Android devices. But, which one’s the best app to receive help in this augmented reality game? And it is so thanks to its unbeatable features: Doesn’t use Niantic’s servers, therefore there’s no risk of possible bans. Travel to any place around the world to discover what creatures can be hunted down in remote areas.

VIDEO: FastPokeMap Pokemon Tracker Works Like A Charm – Try It Today, FastPokeMap is a Pokemon GO map and scanner. It’s a much faster Pokémon Go down?. Last words shared by FastPokeMap developer:'(:(:/ We’re bummed. FastPokeMap developer shares final words after closing down the service | Pokemon. When it comes to the time that you need to use FastPokeMap and the service is down, you can resort to any of the many alternatives available, such as PokéFind .

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