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You can find these and other defined terms used in this policy in our Glossary at the end of this page. Although significant changes are rare, this policy may be amended as new features, technology, or legal requirements arise, so please check back from time to time. What information does Evernote collect? We built Evernote to help you remember and organize your ideas, thoughts, and memories. We also collect and receive the following types of information: Basic subscriber information.

Usage data. We collect and log data on how you and others access and use Evernote, for example, the act of creating a note or sharing a note. Usage data may be collected through cookies, and similar technologies.

Location information. We collect the IP address you use to connect to the Service, and — if you choose to share it — your location information from a mobile device. Device information. We collect information about the number and type of devices you use to connect to the Service, as well as information about the operating systems on those devices e.

We also may link your subscriber information with data we receive from our partners and other third parties to help understand your needs and provide you with a better experience. For example, if you create or log into an Evernote account using your Google Apps credentials via single sign-on, we will have access to certain information such as your name and email address as authorized in your Google Apps profile settings.

Generally, we collect this information to support your account and to help us understand how you use the Service so we can make it better. We have noted which types of information are not collected unless you choose to provide it. If you register for or maintain an Evernote service account: We collect Your username, email address, and contact preferences To create and support your Evernote Service account.

To communicate with you. To enable other users to collaborate with you through Collaboration Features such as shared Notes and Notebooks. In accordance with your communication preferences, to send you information about Evernote features, products, and services that can enhance your use of the Service. To verify your email address to help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse. Your name, image, and other personal information, if you choose to share it To display in your user profile, which may be visible to those with whom you share Content.

The geographic area from which your computing devices interact with the Service, your preferred language, and, if you select the option to share it, your mobile device location information To localize your interaction with the Service by, for example, displaying web pages or user interfaces in your preferred language, showing you website content or pricing information appropriate to your location, and improving search by filtering results by location.

To help you monitor use of your account: We make recent IP address history available to you through your account settings. To assist us in complying with legal restrictions that may limit the permissible use of the Service.

To enhance your Content with location information. To help you discover relevant content. To inform our product development and marketing efforts, including our targeted advertising as described on our Cookie Information page. To allow you to redeem a promotional offer. To provide account support. Together with purchase information, to help us comply with export laws.

Your telephone number, if you choose to share it To help prevent spam, fraud, and abuse. To enable two-step verification to provide an additional layer of security for your account.

To enable other users to communicate with you through Collaboration Features. To show in your user profile, if you choose. Your calendar information, only if you select the option to share it To enhance your notes with calendar information. To show you relevant Content to which you have access. Actions you perform when using the Service e.

To suggest Evernote features, products, and services that can enhance your use of the Service. Whether your account was created or referred through a reseller or other partner who helps distribute or promote Evernote accounts To determine the amount of revenue share payments to make to partners with whom we might have such arrangements and to provide aggregated and anonymized revenue share reports.

These partners could include resellers or distribution partners. Your payment information, if you purchase a subscription To process your payment. In addition to the information above, there are certain cases where we receive or collect supplemental information, as outlined below. Additional information we collect in connection with Evernote Business accounts: To communicate with the Account Holder and End Users of the Business account in accordance with communication preferences.

Billing information e. Employment-related personal information e. If you use our Web Clipper browser extension or “Save to Evernote” button: Please Note: If you have installed the Web Clipper, when you visit certain websites the Web Clipper may notify you of available integrations with the Service or about products, services or features that we think will help you get more out of the Service.

The Web Clipper does not track or create a record of your browsing activity. If you visit an Evernote website: We collect Your email address if you provide it To help you create an Evernote service account. Please see our Cookie Information page How does Evernote use my information? We have specific rules for how and when we use the information we collect and receive.

We describe these below. What does Evernote do with my information? We are committed to protecting the privacy of your information. Below, we describe the ways in which we use the information we collect and receive to provide, maintain, and improve the Service; to provide troubleshooting and customer support; to protect the Service for all our users; to contact you; and to administer Evernote Business accounts.

We use a number of technologies to help you get the most out of the Service. Our systems automatically analyze your data to power Evernote features and to continually improve the Service for you in a way that does not require anyone to look at your Content.

This may include, for example: Showing you information most relevant to how you are or could be using the Service at a specific time or location. Suggesting Evernote service features or products to you that we think will help you get the most out of our Service.

For Evernote Business users, recommending people for you to collaborate with. To provide troubleshooting and customer support, our Customer Support team may need to access your information, such as your account email address and information about the Evernote application you are using, subject to the protections described below.

As part of our efforts to protect your account and the functionality of the Service, our systems may analyze the emails you send to and from your Evernote account and the notes you share to detect spam, malware, or other potential security concerns.

Learn more about steps you can take to protect your account, such as using strong passwords, two-step verification, and encryption. You can also change your in-app notification preferences through your device settings.

You will continue to receive essential Service-related and account-related information such as notification that your paid subscription is about to expire , even if you unsubscribe from promotional emails or turn off in-app notifications. Evernote Business users will also continue to receive a daily summary of activity associated with their Business account.

Depending on where you live, you may have a legal right to receive such notices in writing. You can find more information on how your personal Evernote service account works with your Evernote Business account here. Would someone at Evernote ever view my Content? You have control over who sees your Content.

To help refine or improve the technology, we may ask you for permission to review portions of your Content. For example, if a new feature suggests related notes that are relevant to your Content, we may give you an opportunity to provide us feedback on how well the feature is performing along with a sample of the Content in question, so we can make sure this feature provides appropriately tailored suggestions.

Such access to your Content is done only with your express permission and is subject to strict confidentiality rules and data access controls.

Choosing to give us such permission is completely voluntary. This permission terminates when the issue is resolved. If you send Evernote an error report and choose to attach application activity logs, please note that such logs may contain Content for example, the title of a note or notebook. You may edit Content out of your activity logs before you send them to us. Under such a circumstance, we would only look at the Content in your account if you give us consent or if necessary to comply with our legal obligations, including to protect the safety of you or any other person.

To test and improve our product offerings for our users, we use aggregated data that does not contain any personal information, does not identify any person, and cannot be connected to any specific user. How does Evernote share or disclose my information? Evernote is not in the business of selling or renting your information.

Here are instances when we may disclose your information — and then only the minimum information necessary: We share your information with Service Providers who process data on our behalf, such as credit card processors and customer management systems. For example, these Service Providers help us: Operate, develop, and improve the features and functionality of the Service Complete your payment transactions Fulfill your sales and support requests Communicate with you as described elsewhere in this policy We require these providers to agree to strict data protection requirements in keeping with our privacy policy standards, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation “GDPR” , and our commitments under our EU-US Privacy Shield and Swiss-US Privacy Shield certifications as discussed below.

You can view the vendors we use to help us provide the Service on our Vendors page. We do not share your information with any third parties for their own advertising purposes.

Examples of our service providers include PayPal and Adyen for processing payments from our paid users, Salesforce for helping us with our email communications and Evernote Business sales outreach, and analytics providers like Google Analytics. Other service providers include resellers that we work with to help distribute Evernote. If you purchase a Paid Service from a reseller instead of directly from Evernote, we may need to share limited information with the reseller to ensure accuracy in payment, account management, and delivery of services to you.

Your Content is private unless you decide you want to share it.

How does Evernote share or disclose my information?

You can find these and other defined terms used in this policy in our Glossary at the end of this page. Although significant changes are rare, this policy may be amended as new features, technology, or legal requirements arise, so please check back from time to time. What information does Evernote collect? We built Evernote to help you remember and organize your ideas, thoughts, and memories.

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