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My name is Victor Corda, and I love tinkering with computer electronics. Although there are times when I make things worse, at least I learn from my experiences. I think this type of curiosity helps in making detailed reviews. In this review, I share my thoughts and experiences regarding EaseUS Partition Master Pro without the additional fluff and sugarcoating.
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Top 5 Best Free Data Recovery Software For Windows

My name is Victor Corda, and I love tinkering with computer electronics. Although there are times when I make things worse, at least I learn from my experiences.

I think this type of curiosity helps in making detailed reviews. In this review, I share my thoughts and experiences regarding EaseUS Partition Master Pro without the additional fluff and sugarcoating. I used the program for a few days before writing this review article. To test how responsive the EaseUS customer support team is, I even contacted them via emails, live chat, and phone calls.

EaseUS has no editorial input or influence in the content of this review. All opinions are my own and are based on my tests.

Just a kind note: The program is designed for troubleshooting disks, organizing partitions, and maximizing the performance of your disks. It has a lot of features. Besides the basic ones such as creating, resizing, and wiping partitions, it also has other add-ons that are super useful to some users. One of those is the WinPE bootable disk which allows you to fix another disk without having to run Windows.

You can also migrate your OS to another disk for easy backups and transfer data to another computer. Is It Safe to Use? Yes, it is. Both scans found nothing harmful. Because this program works with disk partitions, changing small settings may wipe data off your storage device. Is It Free or Paid? EaseUS Partition Master is not freeware or open source. But there is a free version which is limited to supporting up to 8TB of storage. This free version only performs basic partition operations such as creating, resizing, and wiping disk partitions.

The Professional version includes a behemoth of added features, lifetime upgrades, and supports an unlimited amount of storage. EaseUS also has two versions for service providers. I tested most of its features to see how it performs. Partition Operations Wipe Data Wiping the partition erases all the data in that partition. Before testing, I placed test files with varying file formats in the partition to check if I can still recover the data despite being wiped.

There is also an option at the bottom to choose how many times you want to wipe that partition. Wiping multiple times ensures that all your files are permanently deleted. Having an auto-shutdown feature is definitely helpful. Wiping the entire 1TB external hard drive took 10 hours to finish. It passed data recovery tests with flying colors in our review. However, the focus here is how well the EaseUS Partition Master Professional wipes data off the external hard drive, and on that note, it has done a great job.

A window will pop-up with all the information needed for the new partition. First is the partition label which is simply the name of the drive. Next is an option to make it either a primary or a logical drive. The only difference between the two is that a primary drive can start an operating system. A logical drive, on the other hand, cannot start an operating system, but can still have files saved to it.

Next is the file system which determines how files will be saved in the drive: You can learn more about file systems from this Wikipedia page. You can click the box on the top-right to optimize the drive for SSD. Next is the drive letter which simply assigns the letter for the drive.

The cluster size determines the smallest amount of disk space a file can use. EaseUS has an intuitive way of doing this with a simple, draggable bar. Making a partition was quick and easy. I was able to make 3 different partitions in around 5 minutes without a hassle.

This will allow you to make a backup of your system and boot straight from the new disk. When you migrate your OS, all the files in the destination disk will be deleted.

Remember to back your files up before starting. After choosing the destination disk, you can allocate how much space you want for each drive. A warning will pop up saying that the computer will need to reboot to perform the operation. A command prompt-like interface will show after the reboot showing details of the operation.

The entire process finished in about 45 minutes for me. To make use of this, you have to change the boot order in your BIOS settings and set it to the disk you migrated the OS to. I had a few problems starting the OS from my external hard drive. After a couple of tweaks, I was able to make it work. If you plug your hard drive straight into your computer or plug it into a faster port, it should run faster. The program can then fix that disk and bring it back to life. Alternatively, you can export the ISO file which can then be turned into a bootable disk for later use.

It took around 5 minutes for the program to create the ISO. Sadly, I kept running into errors with this process. I also tried it with a normal USB flash drive to no avail. Since the ISO was already made, I instead used Rufus , a program that turns various storage devices into bootable disks.

I tested it out by changing my boot priority to the USB flash drive and running it on my laptop. All the features of EaseUS Partition Master Professional worked without a hitch and I was able to work on the disks connected to my computer.

Clean and Optimization This feature offers three sub-features: Junk File Cleanup Junk file cleanup checks all the junk files in your system files, browsers, Windows built-in applications, and other applications you have installed. The analysis found 1. It was a very quick and easy process. There is also an option in the settings of the Cleanup and Optimization window which lets the program monitor your system for junk files. When you reach a certain size of junk files, it will send you a prompt to have them cleaned up and free some space.

Large File Cleanup The large file cleanup starts with a list of your disks that you want to analyze for large files. This can normally be done in a few seconds. Disk Optimization Disk optimization is a disk defragmenter which analyzes your disks and defragments them.

Wiping disks worked perfectly, leaving no traces of files on the disk. Trying to retrieve files with a data recovery program proved fruitless after wiping all the data with EaseUS Partition Master Professional. Partitioning disks was easy, quick, and intuitive. I also had a problem making a WinPE bootable disk. Ease of Use: I like the user experience of the program. I found it pretty easy to navigate, and the text instructions are easy to understand.

Despite a couple of errors, I was able to pick up the program very quickly. As you see from the screenshot below, I sent them an email regarding the problem I had with migrating the OS. However, I was able to get in touch with them by calling, which helped me fix my problem. Paragon has similar features as EaseUS while at the same price point. It also has a good support system. Minitool Partition Wizard Windows: Minitool is another great alternative. This program also offers a lot of features that most partition managers have.

Aside from the usual partition operations, you can migrate your OS and make a bootable disk. Built-in Windows programs: Windows actually already has a built-in partition manager. It has all the basic tools you need to manage your partitions but can be quite confusing to navigate. Learn more from this How-to Geek tutorial. Disk Utility Mac: Macs have a partition tool called Disk Utility.

The app can also run in recovery mode if needed. Most of the time, Disk Utility is enough to address your basic partition operations needs. You can use the program to create, resize, and do almost anything you want with your disk partitions.


I tried to find relative ISO online again, but I couldn’t find it. So now I’m wondering to know whether it can be possible to recover the lost ISO image files? If you do know any methods about ISO file recovery, please let me know. Cannot find access or don’t want to waste time finding relative Windows ISO files online?

VIDEO: How to Recover ISO Files on Windows

I just used Easeus data recovery program to recover (attempt) some ISO files ( DVDs) from a 3tb internal drive. The drive was accidentally. Do not worry! Here is an easy ISO file recovery solution. You can try it to recover deleted or lost ISO files in all data loss situations with ease. EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Technician v Crack The best data recovery software to recover deleted, formatted or lost data from PC, laptop or Microsoft Office Professional Plus Version (Build ) ISO.

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