How to Download the New Version of Yahoo Mail

For some, it is Gmail , for others it is Yahoo mail. According to it, users are choosing the apps they will install on their mobile phones, including iPhones of course. Yahoo mail is here for years, and millions of people are using it. When it comes to the app designed for the iPhone, it works pretty well, but it may become unresponsive sometimes. It is not something that happens often, but it can be irritating.
download yahoo mail app for iphone

Add Yahoo Mail to iPad

Good 7 Yahoo Mail is designed to provide you with fast and easy access to your Yahoo! Looking good Yahoo Mail offers a comfortable ride in terms of navigating your email. Its interface is easily readable and clearly laid-out.

Just like the Gmail app for iOS, folders and options appear in a panel on the right with your list of mails showing next to this. Tap on a mail header and the email will be displayed in a preview pane on the right. Options for replying, trashing, blocking, starring, etc.

Advertisement Searching mails in Yahoo Mail is not frustrating, especially since the addition of an improved search function in version 3. When searching for a person’s name you now get the option to filter results by emails, photos, or files.

A nice feature of Yahoo Mail, carried over from the web version, is its support for themes. There are several attractive designs to choose from in a range of color schemes, so you can tailor your email client to suit your mood. Yahoo Mail is well optimized for iPad, and it’s a very comfortable experience.

Yahoo Mail’s shiny, attractive interface masks a few niggly problems under the hood of the app. For instance, the spam filtering of Yahoo Mail is questionable. Often, I found genuine emails in the spam folder, while junk was littering my inbox. For me, spam is definitely more of an issue in Yahoo Mail than it is in Gmail or Outlook. The Yahoo Mail app is free and supports push notifications, meaning that you’ll get instant alerts when you receive a new mail.

Yahoo Mail for iOS is simple but complete: You can also use the Yahoo Mail client for iOS to organize your messages into folders, a process which is much easier to do than it is using the web version of Yahoo Mail.

One boon of the Yahoo Mail app is that it lets you add multiple Yahoo accounts so you can switch between your inboxes in one place. Besides allowing you to check your email, Yahoo Mail includes an ‘Apps’ section, where you can check news and weather from within the application, which is cool. If you use Gmail at the moment, Yahoo Mail isn’t good enough to warrant switching to. The app is well designed and has some useful features but the spam filtering isn’t good enough and the app has some niggly performance issues.


Self-described IM veteran covers the latest in messaging trends and videography. If you’re on your phone now, either follow this link to go directly to the download page for Yahoo Messenger or follow these steps: Locate and tap the App Store icon on your phone. Enter Yahoo Messenger and select the appropriate app. Tap GET to begin the download. Now that the Yahoo Messenger app is installed, you can log in to the app to start sending and receiving messages.

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Prev; 1; Next. 1. Overview of Yahoo Mail for iOS Stop spam and junk mail in the Yahoo Mail app · 5. Remove or Yahoo Mail · 6. Fix problems with iOS apps. Because iPhone users can add Yahoo accounts to the iOS Mail app, it hasn’t been clear why a Yahoo Mail user would need to download a. Find your Yahoo mail cannot work on iPhone? emails on your iPhone, you can download and install the Yahoo Mail app from App Store.

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