Windows 10 Fall Creators Update (1709) fully available

Basically, Windows 10 will get a new look with the addition of blur acrylic , translucent, and animation effects. Microsoft is focusing this new design system on light, depth, motion, material, and scale to deliver a more intuitive, responsive, and inclusive cross-device experiences and interactions. An easy way to put it: Microsoft Graph is the connectivity glue that will help Windows 10 to seamlessly connect with other devices, including iOS, Android, and other Windows 10 devices. Opening files on your computer will also sync them to be available without an internet connection.
download windows 10 version 1709

Download Windows 10 Version 1709 Language Packs

April 24, – 22 comments Microsoft published KB, a new cumulative update for Windows 10 version , the Fall Creators Update, some hours ago. The non-security update is distributed via Windows Update and other updating services, and available as a standalone download from the Microsoft Update Catalog website.

The update brings the build number of the operating system to Microsoft released the cumulative updates KB and KB for Windows 10 version and last week, and KB shares several of the fixes with these earlier releases.

Windows Update failed to pick up the new update on a Windows 10 Pro machine. It returned KB instead which Microsoft released on the April Patch Tuesday; that update was installed on the machine already, however.

Manual download from the Microsoft Update Catalog site and installation worked, however. KB for Windows 10 version The list of issues that Microsoft fixed in the new update is quite large. You can check it out on the official release history page on the Microsoft website, or read the summary of all fixes below. Fixed an issue where the deprovisioning of apps using remove-AppXProvisionedPackages-Online did not work properly as apps returned after upgrades.

Applications stopped working after pasting username or password into a user elevation prompt. Fixed an issue that caused Skype and Xbox to stop working.

AppLocker publisher rules for MSI files did not match files correctly. Fixed a domain log in issue when using fast user switching. The Office Chrome extension prompted for credentials often.

Removed the second delay after entering an incorrect PIN or biometric input when using smart cards. Minimum password length in Group Policy increased to 20 characters. Fixed hexadecimal format of name-constraint information in certificate properties. Audit mode blocked failed NTLM authentications instead of logging them. Encrypting and decrypting options were missing in File Explorer. Fixed BitLocker and Device Encryption issue that kept the device unprotected during device unenrollment.

Software Restriction Policy Caused Microsoft to stop working. A leak in Filter Manager caused file system mini-filters to fail to unload. Connection Bar was not displayed in Virtual Machine Connections in full-screen mode when using multiple-monitors. The “Disable new DMA devices when the computer is locked” policy prevented some devices from working o Windows 10 version Devices include PCI-based peripherals such as wireless network drivers, input, and audio peripherals.

Fixed a logging issue in Windows Server Domain Controllers. Fixed cause of the exception “Microsoft. A bind attempt to domain ‘globalivewireless. Addressed the issue “Active Directory Domain Services was unable to establish a connection with the global catalog. Error value: The directory service encountered an internal failure. Internal ID: Fixed a Microsoft Edge stopped working issue for roaming profiles. Fixed Japanese keyboard not working correctly in remote assistance sessions.

Cursor moved to center of the screen when changing display modes. Fixed a leak when closing or opening web browser controls. Fixed ContentIndexter. AddAsync API throwing an exception. Fixed Search Tab in Microsoft Outlook when upgrading from version to Updates for large game apps failed.

User-pinned folders or tiles were removed from the start menu. Pen use in certain apps caused unexpected panning or scrolling. The cumulative update has one issue: It reports that KB failed to install because of error 0x even though the update is installed.

How to fix: Feature update to Windows 10, version 1709 Failed to install.

Microsoft recently released the latest version of Windows 10, also known as language packs. This version was released by the team last week. The benefit of having a language pack is to get support in one specific language based on the particular region of the area and country. This operating system is language neutral in nature. All the features like that of the fonts, locales, and other language enabling resources are part of this feature called a language-neutral image.

VIDEO: November Windows 10 Cumulative Updates Now Live for 1809, 1803, 1709 & Other Older OS Versions

If you are seeing Feature Update to Windows 10, Version Failed to Install on Windows Update, don’t worry. Discover how to successfully. Or click Download tool now to prepare Windows 10 installation media for a clean “Windows 10 version , , and will continue to receive. Customers – particularly corporate customers – face a jumble of option-rich upgrade methods to get the latest version of Microsoft’s OS. Here’s.

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