Download QuickTime 7.7.9 for Windows

RealTimes, the revamped program once known as RealPlayer, is a software designed to play and share video files. It is also equipped with an option to download videos from popular sharing websites. Player The main functions of the software are to read, store, and share video files on a user’s computer. It is able to manage most popular formats, such as DVDs, CDs, or files stored directly on the hard drive. Downloading What makes RealTimes special is that it comes with a download option.
download realplayer 2017

Download Real Player 2017

In contrast to other players, such as Windows Media Player, this download offers the user a variety of codecs for actual multimedia files, and continues to develop new ones. RealPlayer may appear like old-fashioned software, since it has been around a while, but it is frequently updated with new functions and increased reliability. Among these new functions, we can find the inclusion of social networks, video conversion, and it provides the hottest videos online or manages your music.

RealPlayer is still on the scene. Manage your media files Interesting tools Among the RealPlayer options, we can find basic features like playing different kind of multimedia files. RealPlayer is not just a player, as it can also convert and edit video, manage media, easily burn CDs, bookmark a video to watch later, and share stuff for free with your friends through social networks like Facebook or Twitter.

RealPlayer also permits you to play your videos on other mobile devices or in a media center. Another interesting feature of RealPlayer is Private Mode. This mode allows you to keep your activity secret and to download and save content to a safe location. Turn this mode on and hide the files you want to keep far from other users. First of all you need to install RealPlayer, and that may take a while, since it offers many options. Once you have RealPlayer installed, you can easily get different codecs if needed.

This way you will be able to play many different multimedia files. The video editor is useful for making quick arrangements, but it is not very powerful, and you may want to use other kinds of application for this purpose. Video conversion allows you to export all sorts of videos into concrete types of files to play on other devices and even on iTunes. RealPlayer Make fast video edits and show your videos on social networking sites Extract images.

Trim video frames and save them on your PC as wallpaper Private Mode to hide your videos If you want more information about this software, feel free to check the author’s website Configure presets to video player System requirements The minimum system requirements to download and install RealPlayer are: Operating System: Adobe Flash Player ActiveX, This software is always evolving but has never strayed from its main purpose:

Watch, Download and Save Videos

A complete yet easy-to-use WinRAR, WinZip, and other similar public archive management applications, opens and extracts various archive formats and displays a complete list of archive file formats supported for archiving and extraction. All PeaZip packages are secure downloads and do not contain ads or malware. In addition, for Windows and Linux, portable packages do not need to be installed: Simply extracting, using, compressing free files, and encrypting software. Do not delay downloading and testing this wonderful program you can download it directly links at the end of the post. A powerful and integrated file manager for viewing archived files for browsing and searching.

VIDEO: Download PeaZip Open Free Source Compress & Decompress Files

É uma excelente opção se não quiser instalar programas como o Quicktime ou o RealPlayer, porque o MPCStar inclui os codecs necessários. Download RealPlayer for Windows. RealPlayer is designed to be the only media player that computer users will ever need!. Download Real Player – Real Player Windows, PC, Desktop or Computer supports a big range of documents formats, such as RealAudio.

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