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You are here: Mysteries of the Past! It is a graphic adventure set in the 19th century, in which players can join the police force and participate in the investigation of a multitude of crimes. For this it will be necessary to explore crime scenes, interview suspects, solve puzzles and much more.
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Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past For PC (Windows & MAC)

Share Tweet There are many spy and arcade games which is based on crimes and in which you have to find the criminal. One of those game is Criminal Case. When the game was launched it was only available on facebook but as soon as it become famous, mobile versions was also developed.

Criminal Case is an amazing game in which you have to investigate the given crime scenes and find out the evidences by which you can find the killer. Criminal Case contains of different cases and different crime scenes. If you do not have 20 energy then you cannot investigate any crime scene. When you will find the objects in the crime scenes you will find some clues and some object inside which is clues are hidden and you have to find that clues by examining it. For examine the objects in which the clues are hidden you have to collect the stars from the crime scenes.

Check about xender here on our blog for information regarding best Android file transfer application! Your character will be of a detective as well as a police officer in the game. In the end, after finding all the evidence you have to arrest the killer. There is not only one suspect, there are many. When you will play the game, you have to talk with all those people who are involved in the case and when talking with them you will get their profile like their blood group, their habits and many more things and in the end the suspect with whom all the things matches will be the killer.

There is a character known as Judge Hall and she will decide that what punishment should be given to the killer after looking at all the evidence. But the case does not end there, you still have to do the additional investigation.

The game was first played on Facebook by the people and became famous in few months. But now the mobile version of criminal case is also available in the Google Play Store. Finding objects in the crime scene does not contain any time limit but yes there is a bonus round in which you have to find the given objects in just 40 seconds and as you will collect more stars in the other crime scenes the time will increase in the bonus round.

There are total number of 5 stars in each crime scene and once you collect all the stars in a crime scene then that particular scene will cost you only 5 energy if you want to investigate more.

There are more characters in the game which will help you to find the killer there is also one dog which will help you too. Any person who is interested in spying can play the game. It does not contain any age limit. You can play with your friends too by connecting it with facebook. You have to examine the evidences and find the clues.

Talk with the suspects and witnesses. Criminal Case also has good graphics and sound effects. Open Bluestacks and you will see many applications on the main screen.

After the installation is completed, open the game, get yourself prepared for investing and find out the killer. You can also install xender for Laptop with similar method, and enjoy transferring files between your computer and smartphone! Install Youwave on your PC. Open Youwave. Comment down if you want me to share it!

How to Install Criminal Case for PC or MAC:

Free Download Criminal Case: Mysteries of the Past For PC June 21, Tweet on Twitter An adventurous game where you have to explore the world of adventures and take on a ride of never-ending mysteries and murders. You are in charge of the criminal world where life is not as easy as it seems. Investigate hundreds o crime scenes and win the game. This is a 19th-century game where there are a series of puzzles that you have to solve. You are advised to search for objects and hints that will make your mission easier. A crime scene has taken place that you need to investigate.

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