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How to Use Reimage License Keys: Why Reimage? While using the pc, you can experience the most common problem of freezing or crashing of the computer.
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Reimage Repair Review: Tool to scan and fix Windows OS errors

It can undertake a lot of tasks such as cleaning the junk files, removing malware, speeding up hardware, fixing registry errors, replacing damaged DLL and other system files and more. Reimage Repair is a great feature-packed tool that improves performance and speed of your computer.

Reimage Repair Review You can download this tool from its official download page. The installation is pretty routine and straightforward. Once installed, you will have to run it. The tool will automatically scan your computer and bring out relevant faults, viruses, malware, and issues that are needed to be fixed.

The entire scan takes a bit long but ensures complete coverage and safety. The scan results are very comprehensive, and you can make out which part of your computer is causing hindrance in performance. Here are the areas or the things that are diagnosed during the process: Reimage scans your entire computer and then display the system configuration followed by the hard drive status.

Next, comes the Hardware Analysis Summary, which evaluates the processing speed, hard drive speed and the temperature of the CPU. If anything is found problematic, it is notified to you right away.

Reimage Repair scans your computer for any stability issues. It utilizes the Windows Event Log to know which applications have crashed the most and are causing stability problems on your computer. Such applications are categorized into Built-in Windows Applications and Third Party Applications and then displayed in the analysis report. The PC Stability scan will analyze the crash reports for the last four months. This is the most important area that needs to be thoroughly scanned for issues.

Using the Avira AntiVir engine, Reimage Repair will perform a preliminary scan and list out the malicious files which can cause problems.

And once you start the repairing process, the software will again scan thoroughly for any malicious files and then delete them accordingly. Reimage Repair scans registry entries and then identify any defective entries, invalid data or incomplete registry keys. Registry scan will ensure proper, safe and an organized registry. It will also evaluate the disk size that has been occupied by the temporary files and which can be cleared off.

At the end of the analysis report, a complete PC summary is generated, which will give you an overall idea about your computer by listing the number of issues in Stability, Security, Registry, Junk Files and then ranking the severity of each of them between Low and High. Finally, Windows Damage Severity will judge the overall damage caused to the operating system till now. After going through the scan results, it is time to start repairing the issues. Reimage will fix the issues that are found in preliminary scans and would also perform another thorough scan to take out more issues and fix them.

This software is not free. While the tool scans your computer for free, to be able to repair or fix your computer, you will have to pay and unlock it. They offer a day money back guarantee. The entire Fixing process involved five steps: Clear Faulty Files: All the corrupt and non-legitimate files will be deleted, and the disk space would be cleared.

Install Fresh Files: New files would be downloaded and will be replaced with those old damaged files. Repair Damage: Any damage made to the computer will be reverted, and issues such as viruses and malware will also be fixed.

Stability Check: A stability check will be performed again to ensure proper stability. Security Check: The most important, security check will also be performed again to ensure up to the mark security of your computer. I deliberately installed Reimage Repair on my older PC, which had a lot of problems.

And after completing the entire fixing process, I was able to notice a considerable increase in speed and few issues too got automatically fixed. The results were surprising, and the computer was working fast again as before.

The fixing process takes a lot of time, an hour or so but it is worth the wait. You need to reboot your computer so that the locked files can be replaced and you can notice the change. How does Reimage Repair fix Windows? This was the question that came to my mind while I was using this tool, so I decided to include it in this post.

Then it will remove all the corrupt and error-causing files and replace them with new healthy files from a continuously updated online database. The online database contains over 25,, healthy original files that are downloaded by Reimage Repair to fix issues with your computer. Reimage has filed an application to patent this technology: Making the computer work means making all of its components work. A component is software or its part that can be fixed, reinstalled or removed.

Formatting the hard drive and reinstalling everything back is a way to repair computers. Removing a faulty program may solve a problem. Updating or patching may yield good results. Fixing a component will resolve the problem without affecting on other components.

Although there are various ways to make the component work, the nature of the solution is the same—in order to make the computer work its faulty components must be repaired. To know more about the working of the tool, you can click the small round Settings icon in its UI, and you will be redirected to a web page telling you about the background processes occurring during the entire process.

Other details you may want to know: Their servers are hosted on the Rackspace cloud, behind a firewall, and it is scanned by McAfee and Norton Symantec. You can download Reimage from its official download page.

Overall, Reimage Repair is a great all-in-one package with a huge set of features. It can fix your computer and improve performance as well as speed. It not only fixes issues for you but also tells what the issues are and what their consequences are. The UI of the tool is great and intuitive, and it does not involve any complex configurative steps.

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At a Glance Generic Company Place Holder Reimage It’s rare that a piece of “miracle” software actually lives up to its developers’ claims. Reimage–which claims to provide hassle-free relief for damaged Windows installs–delivers on its promise. All it takes to start repairing your system is to click the “Start Scan” button on the Reimage website. You are then prompted to save the installer, which is a very small program that downloads the rest of the Reimage files about 7MB worth. When those components have fully downloaded, the install process is complete and the Reimage scanning process begins.

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