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Publisher Description They don’t make them like they used to Daemon Tools was a personal revolution in my relation to the computer I kept that little software package on my machine not only because I wanted to run game CD images, but because it made playing multi-CD games way more comfortable. Imagine playing Riven with simultaneous access to all five disks!
daemon tools free download for pc games

Daemon Tools Lite 10.10 Final Full Version

Daemon Tools Lite is a handy little tool for reading disc images in all their common formats. No fuss, no muss! What does it mean to “mount” an image? When you mount a disc image, you can explore the contents of that virtual disc or run any program which it contains, but without the hassle of dealing with an actual physical medium. Can I mount more than one disc at a time? Daemon Tools Lite allows you to pony up as many as 4 virtual drives at a time.

Just assign each of them a unique letter, upload the disc image to it, and dive into the goodies they have to offer.

What formats does Daemon Tools Lite support? This makes the program one of the best virtual device emulators on the market. Does Daemon Tools play images of music CDs?

Yes, Daemon Tools Lite can emulate some common disc protection systems, which allows you to mount copies of your favourite music albums and play them effortlessly, simply without needing the actual disc. Is Daemon Tools Lite legal? Daemon Tools is a perfectly legal piece of software. However, using it to mount and use images of discs which you do not legally own constitutes a copyright infringement, just as copying and burning a commercially sold physical CD or DVD does.

Therefore, only use Daemon Tools Lite with disc images you have created yourself, based on discs and data which you own legally. How safe is Daemon Tools Lite to use? Daemon Tools has been on the market for long enough to have an impeccable reputation for safety and reliability.

The program itself is quite low-maintenance. However, mounting third-party virtual drives always carries a risk and is best avoided! Daemon Tools cares about your privacy and data safety. That is why it has incorporated the feature to password-protect any and all your images. If you enable it, only you and whoever you share the password with will be able to mount and work with these specific virtual drives. What if all these disc images start taking up too much space?

Daemon Tools Lite has you covered there, too, via the “Compress image data” feature. If you are running low on HDD space, make sure to select that before initiating the disc imaging procedure. Then enjoy all the benefits of a virtual drive without the hard disc jam. Is Daemon Tools cross-platform?

An excellent virtual CD/DVD drive emulator

Daemon tools will be the ideal solution with this software you can easily create virtual drives, both standard formats and those that are copy-protected. If you are worried about the security of information, you can even put a password to access the files. Purchase additional features to extend the functionality of DT lite. Use lifetime license for three PCs without any third-party advertisement.


Select Version of Daemon Tools to Download for FREE! Daemon Tools is a free, Windows based disk image emulator software allowing users to directly load . Free download. Daemon Tools is a very popular free tool for emulating virtual drives on your system. The program allows you to add up to four drives and it. Download free daemon tools (DT) for Microsoft Windows XP, 7, 8, but not all licensed games and programs work without the source code.

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